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So im playing DCUO and something keeps bugging me when ever The Question pops up i noticed a big change or should i say too big changes, for some reason they decided to make The Question a girl. I have no problem with some creative freedom but i think that is a bit much to completly change a characters gender, unless there is some fondation in the comics to support this sort of thing,  
so tell me your thoughts   
i wish i had a screenshot but cant find one
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@Aiden Cross
ok didnt know that which was the point of asking, i never read DC comics so all i ever seen of the Question is this guy
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@D_Pooly: Ah I see, well he passed away because of cancer and turned over the role to Renee.
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@D_Pooly: That Vic Sage, he died of lung cancer in 2007.
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@Aiden Cross
Oh ok that is good to know, now thats one more thing i can knock off the list of things that bother me in DCUO
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Renee Montoya is Batwomans girl candy.

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They got it wrong the question is a guy not only that in DCUO shes a lesbian with batwoman thats just wrong because in one show i watched she was a guy and fell in love with huntress

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ohh shes sorta like the question 2

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I really wish it was Vic Sage,but atleast you can dress up like him when they give you the Blue overcoat.

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guys i'm level 30 pvp villain and GET STOMPED ON IN THE QUESTS because i'm going it alone and don't have any friends to play with :( anyone here wanna add me?