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Just what the title says, unleash your opinion!

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Batman. Snyder is a legend.

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I have enjoyed many of them, but when it comes to single title I think Aquaman is the surprise hit of the new 52. The Teen Titans & Superboy story arc has been really good too.

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Yeah, Snyder's pretty beast.

I still say Higgins did some pretty beast work in the last few issues on Nightwing.

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I agree Batman is phenomenal. I have never read comics before so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to follow the story but it is a fantastic story that can be enjoyed by both new readers and hardcore fans. I also liked Wonder Woman a lot

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@Hatutzeraze said:


OMAC will so be missed. I wish that more people had given this comic a try.

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Animal Man.

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@ReVamp said:

Yeah, Snyder's pretty beast.

I still say Higgins did some pretty beast work in the last few issues on Nightwing.

I wish that Higgins was writing Batman Inc instead of that other guy. I loved his work on both Gates of Gotham and Nightwing. I think he could do quite well writing a "Batman Family" style team book.

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Red Hood and The Outlaws

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@HotSauceCommittee said:

Animal Man.

Yup, only Swamp Thing comes close. They're like 1/1-b for me.

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Animal Man.

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Action Comics

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Aquaman has been my favorite so far.

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batman the dark knight

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For me the flash an Green Lantern

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It's a toss up between Action Comics and Batman. If I had to choose I'd say Batman.

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Hawk and Dove :)

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Straight answer: Batman, Swamp thing and Animal man

Long lots of money answer: Batman, Swamp thing, Animal man, Action comics, Detective comics, All star western, Red hood and the outlaws, The flash, Aquaman <--- My personal picks :D

But everyone taste is different I guess

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Red Hood and The Outlaws

This. Love the writing, action , art and Dynamic between Jason, Roy and Kory.
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Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern have been the most consistently enjoyable. The others which I am subscribed to (Stormwatch, Justice League and Action Comics) have been hit or miss tho I enjoyed most of the issues.

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So hard for me to choose between Batman and Teen Titans.

But to be honest I'll say Teen Titans just because of the Culling and Bart's awesome new costume

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I gotta say Earth-2

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Batman I think is the best although The Flash, Action Comics and Justice League are also really good.

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For me it's Dial H :D

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I'm really enjoying Red Hood and the Outlaws. :D

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Red Hood and the Outlaws

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I'm getting burned out on the artwork for Justice League Dark, so I'd say Stormwatch.

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wonder woman and earth 2

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Wonder Woman

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Having said this, I NEED a Martian Manhunter N52 in my life. This just has to happen.

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Swamp Thing far and away for me. I liked it so much I bought Animal Man 1-11 just to get ready for the crossover.

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swamp thing is the best in my opinion, i just couldnt get into the court of owls batman stuff. action comics started out good but its getting meh.

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@FullmetalChobit then read Stormwatch
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Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Aquaman, Nightwing and Red Hood and the Outlaws are all absolutely spectacular.

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Action Comics, Aquaman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Nightwing have all been fantastic.

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Definatley Batman.

The only titles that come close are swamp thing, animal man and aquaman. I'm also enjoying flash and justice league too.

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Action Comics, Swamp Thing, & Animal Man would be in my top 3.

Though Aquaman, some of the Bat-Titles, and Suicide Squad have been enjoyable as well.

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Batman is hands down the best. The Flash is really good too.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Fair point, I should have made myself clearer. J'onn needs his own title. He's my boy <3 I am loving Stormwatch by the way :)

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Batman and  Animal Man

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Suicide Squad and Aquaman, too close to call my favorite between them.

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Batman is good but the new Wonder Woman is just amazing, it is the most captivating one yet.

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Although Im enjoyed many more, Aquaman stands out, not only for itself but for what it did to the character (even though he was already badass before, just not as much)