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What is the best bat series that is not batman or batwoman.

I was looking at



Birds of prey

Redhood and the outlaws

Talon and batwing seem cool but they dont look like they have to much to do with all the other bat books that much. So out of what I said whats the best?

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Nightwing is pretty good. One of my favorite DC products currently.

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Nightwing as number 1.

Redhood and the outlaws is a good second.

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nightwing i think is probably #1 especially the way the story is progressing! Red hood and the outlaws would be a close second

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You cant go wrong with Dick.

Nightwing all day

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so nightwing seems good but about batgirl?

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Nightwing and Birds of Prey

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`Red Hood was number one in my book before the brainwash thing

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Night wing is so good!

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Gotta go with Nightwing.

You should make this into a poll.

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*looks at above comments* I don't have to say Nightwing just simply say: "what they said!"

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I read all of them, and I like them all, this is how I'd rank them.


2. Red Hood

3. Batgirl

4. Birds of Prey

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@deathsamurai: I guess I'm the only one that really likes Batgirl's series. Overall, it's been my favorite bat related series out of your list. Currently, Nightwing has been picking off steam and has been better than Batgirl recently. But from #1 to now, Batgirl is my overall favorite. Red Hood is pretty good as well. Birds of Prey is not bad, but just decent.

1. Batgirl

2. Nightwing

3. Red Hood

4. Birds of Prey

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People really like the current Birds of Prey...?

I'll go with Nightwing and Batwoman, if we're counting the latter in the Bat Family of books.

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Nightwing is currently the best imo. Higgins writing Chicago is so much better than his Gotham run.

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@the_stegman: @batmannflash: thanks guys.

i was thinking about all of theses title and nightwing seems super popular, but no one has said anything about birds of prey how is that?

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@deathsamurai: it's...okay. it's by no means terrible. but there's not much that's special to it. other than the fact that i love black canary, barbara, and poison ivy, the rest (story/team) is decent

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Well .. looks like Nightwing is really good. I should probably check that out. Hahaha.

Wanted to come in here and definitely throw a vote into Batgirl. I've read the first trade paperback and I'm DYING to get the second one.

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