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I have never been much of a spider-man (616) reader. Since I was very young I have read Ultimate Spider-man, then after Ultimatum I read the continuation of the series but did not read the death of Spider-man because at the time I was not fond of the idea. Since then I began to read Ultimate comics Spider-man with Miles and loved it, I then picked up Spider-Men when christmas came around. But since Marvel Now! started and Doctor Octopus has taken over Peter's mind I have found it very hard to keep track of what happens to the spider-men.

I am now especially confuse being that two things are going to happen.

1: Miles is brought into the 616

2: Spider-Men 2 is currently being planned

So it makes me wonder what the hell is going on with Spider-man at the moment? Are they pulling a Lois and Clark by killing Pete until Amazing Spider-man 2 comes out or are they using Doc in the crossover? If so how will Miles react seeing a much darker Peter? How will Miles react seeing his 616 counterpart? Will he meet his 616 counterpart at all? These are the questions that have crossed my mind and I want answers.

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Spider-men 2 will most likely take place pre-Superior Spider-man. Wells is writing Spider-man in Savage Wolverine at the moment and its still Peter Parker because the story is taking place before the events of Dying Wish. If they're going to make a Spider-men 2 i'm pretty sure that'll be what they do. I'd prefer to see Miles meet Kaine than SpOck if they are doing it post-Dying Wish.