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I'v mostly read Marvel and DC, but I've been thinking of picking up some Image as well. What do you recommend? Preferably superheroes.

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Strange Tale of Luther Strode

You sure you just want capes and cowls 'coz Image has a lot more to offer?

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SAGA! SAGA! SAGA! Oh yeah Fatale is good too....

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SAGA! SAGA! SAGA! Oh yeah Fatale is good too....

The OP is looking for superheroes, though.


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Astro City

Noble Causes

Dynamo 5

Morning Glories

The Astounding Wolf-Man

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saga, mara, the manhattan project,chew

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Seconded Astro City, though that title has been a DC title for a long time now.


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For superheroes: Invincible.

For non superheroes: Saga and Chew.

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Here is a list of what either a) I have heard really good things about, but haven't gotten around to checking out yet or b) what I'm reading and love.

Italics mean the first, bold means the second. (a/b)

Saga, Chew, Manhattan Projects, Thief of Thieves, East of West, Invincible, The Walking Dead, Great Pacific, Clone, Bedlam, Luther Strode (both series)

I'm sure I'm missing some, but these are all I could think of off the top of my head (without spending a few hours deliberating)

Oh yeah, Spawn and Youngbloods.

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SAGA and Walking Dead even though not related to Superheroes. These are Must reads. Screw Superheores.

also some good ol SEX. It is about a retired superhero.