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What if? and Elseworlds stories you would like to see.

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Elseworlds: Superman or  Wonder Woman becoming the Earth's Green lantern.

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What If? with Iron Man being Captain America.

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Elseworld's: All of Batman's villains actually rehabilitate. Where does that leave him and what do the villains do with there newly acquired lives?

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@Cezar_TheScribe: What Elseworld or What if would you like to see?
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What if the void completley took over sentry.

What if Kyle Rayner remained as Parallax

What if Zoom never lost his powers

What if Gog wasnt defeated by the JSA

What if The Top's rogues won Rogue War

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I've always wanted to see a "What If?" where Logan and Emma got together and had a kid. I figured he would have Logan's abilities but also low level telepathic hypnosis and his bone petrusions would be like Marrow in that he can make his bones come out of anywhere and fire them out of his body. Also he could turn his bones into diamond at will and in this state he it immune to telepathy. This is more of a character I want to see instead of a whole new universe but I always thought it would be interesting to see a kid raised by Emma and Logan. How would he turn out? What would be his mentality? Among other questions. Also I just like the idea of Emma and Logan.


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what if superman had the power of Shazam since he was a kid?

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Batman: King of Atlantis

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A future Imperfect story with Rhino. 
Something like this Rhino figure.

Total Armor Rhino