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All of a sudden you gain the knowledge and know how of every living person on the planet.

That means you know how to do anything that mankind is currently working on or doing. You know all their secrets too.

What would you do with this?

1. In the real world.

2. In the DC universe (hint, move over Bats, you just got replaced LOL).

3. In the Marvel universe.

Thanks ladies and gents!

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Become a trillionaire and help make more technology. For both universes I'd make a time machine, go forward in time learn everything there is to know about that tie bring it back to my present and help mankind.

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1.Get rich try to help humanity

2. Get rich and kick back Superman and the JLA seem to have a handle on things

3. Get Rich and try to help humanity

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1. My head would overheat from all the thoughty-thoughts and explode scanners-stylee

2. Be mildly disappointed that a lot of my knowledge became redundant and contradictory when New 52 kicked in.

3. Become the new Gamesmaster and re-start the Upstarts. But as a japery-filled force for good!

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1. My head would probably explode or i'd go crazy.

2. Become Batman.

3. Become Spiderman

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Answer for all three: I would abuse my powers to sleep with as many women as possible. Sometimes it's just better to take the low road once in a while.

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  1. Tackle all the important stuff. Clean renewable energy, food and water for everyone, world peace, weight restriction on leggings, reveal the truth about evolution and things we don't know yet, dispose of YMCMB's Justin Bieber, One Direction, The Janoskians.. basically all boybands and swagfag related trends along with their fans. How would I do that? I know everything.. I'd figure it out.
  2. Same as one basically, while enjoying living IN FREAKING DC.
  3. Same as 2. but for FREAKING MARVEL.
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Charge anyone who asked me a question a dime for the answer.

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In the real world I'd be dead...in the comics I'd be a villain.

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  1. I'd bring order to a chaotic world my order
  2. Conquer the Multiverse
  3. Conquer the Multiverse
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I'd be more than likely be driven completely insane. Knowing all the terrible acts being commited would be too much for me too handle in all likelihood. That's for all 3 worlds. Depending on what type of secrets my closest family and friends had would probably be the tipping point.