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Welcome to the first ever post of What If You Had.....

The whole idea (and anyone can post these if you have an idea of a power of object) is to ask what you would do with 1 specific power/super object (ie Lantern Ring/Iron Man Armor).

Today's power, to start out simply, is super strength, but just super strength (you are a little more durable, but not much). You can lift a bus, but you would be pushing it. So Viners:


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I would go to the gym, and make all those arrogant, muscle-bound douche bags look bad...

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I'd be rich

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World's Strongest Man competition would be mine. Youtube money, sponsorships, etc. I'd be rollin'! and maybe fight crime if convenient.

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Lets see, train in a mma gym and try to make it into the UFC or Boxing or even K-1... that kind of power would be so good there

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my answer to all will be - become a superhero.

but since there are nuances according to the powers, with super strenght, besides being a super H I would also probably break stuff, maybe make sculptures with my bare hands. also, OPEN ALL THE JARS

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live my life like normal but help out if i could with people near me, Super strength alone won't make a great hero so i'd try to do stuff but there wouldn't be much i could do.

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Evil.........I don't know what or how but what I would do is evil

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@Imagine_Man15 said:

I would go to the gym, and make all those arrogant, muscle-bound douche bags look bad...

That is actually shockingly evil. See, most of those who we refer to as "The Monkeyboys" at our gym aren't all that strong, really. They just look strong. But in reality, they're just "inflated" for lack of a better term. Sure, there's quite some training involved with them, but they're training for show not for strength. What they're doing is they do very few reps of everything they do but with a lot of weight. The effect of that is that their muscles get big quick without necessarily being able to do more because the body is so busy regenerating used muscles they put under a lot of strain.

If you want to go for actual strength, which is what I'm doing, you find out what the maximum is you can do Let's call that X. In a first set, you do 12 reps X minus two (two being weight units the machine you're using has). In a second set, you do X-1 but do only ten reps. And finally, you do X but only eight reps. That's what I do and it works just fine. Also, your muscles will look much better and more toned.

As for the topic, I'd make sure I don't get cocky, because superstrength alone does not make you invulnerable. What you should be able to do is jump really high, seeing as you've got really strong legs. I think I'd try jumping out of windows. Or jump up on roofs. Then I'd see where I'd go from there. Fighting crime? Not so much, because crime is actually pretty hard to spot, even in the bad areas of town. Besides, if you come across crime, you'd probably help out anyways, superpower or not. That's what I hope, at least.

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Hmm... a lot of people seem to want to seemingly use the strength to "cheat" through sports.

Personally, I'd just live a normal life and avoid being on the radar as much as possible. Nothing worse than reporters and camera crews following you around nonstop.

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The Conclusion
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I would smash anything that looks like it needs smashing like big rocks, plywood and stray shopping carts. Other than that, nothing really.

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@sesquipedalophobe: you forgot defenseless people

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@Superguy0009e: Amputees never did anything to me.

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If I had super strength, I'd look to trade it in for a better power. Strength is too showoff-y, I'd rather have something I could keep under wraps. Plus, for most, you'd have to look for ways of using it. Let me shrink or turn invisible, those I could put to good use right away.

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I would be more efficient with things. Particularly with helping people out. I like what Clark has done with helping out the farm during Smallville, so I would probably do things that morally revolve around that.

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I'd play sports. Get rich. And sit on that money until I find out what super power I would get next.

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Moving would be a lot easier

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I would get a job in construction as a human wrecking ball.

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@The Stegman said:

Moving would be a lot easier