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This a thread where people can discuss if any part of comic book history had been changed or altered. It can be as simple as what if comic books weren't campy in the 60's to something very specific like what if Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns had not been written or if a certain writer switched companies and everything in between.
You can basically say how you feel things would've changed and state things you would have liked to have changed.

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no DKR? comics as we know them wouldn't be. An inspiration for the indies and the tone of today. Superman wouldn't have an inspired Byrne making Man of Steel and Man of Tomorrow(possibly the most important works for Superman).

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What if peter had stopped that man that killed uncle ben?

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@proto3296: Spider-man would've continued to be irresponsible and attempted to be an actor.

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@kittyparker13: you think so? I feel like he might've become a villain or antihero. He would've never learned to be responsible and once someone he loved died he'd go insane with rage. Like when green goblin kills Gwen, I think that would sent Pete off the depend into killing Norman and then becoming a villain.

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If we didn't have TDKR, comics wouldn't have matured. However, even without it, we still have the Watchmen and V for Vendetta, which did their part to also mature comic books - though Batman would probably still be campy.

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What if Amazing Fantasy #15 had come out in 1938 with Action Comics #1?

Or, what if the release dates for the two were reversed?

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@proto3296: Spider-man would've continued to be irresponsible and attempted to be an actor.

This Definitely. He would not be a super hero and, he'd most likely be making lot's of money showing off his powers.

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Frank Miller's Dark Knight wouldn't be if Frank Miller didn't do amazing and historical work on Daredevil previously.

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@jedixman: You could argue there wouldn't be a Batman comic anymore. DC almost went out of business in the 80s, if he hadn't adjusted with the times, his series probably would've been canceled.

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I wouldn't mind taking a peek into some alternate universes in which Superman, Batman, nor the Comics Code existed.

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We would have more openly LGBT characters in comics if it were not for the comics code authority. Chris claremont would most likely have made alot of his subtext just plain text and his idea of mystique and destiny being Nightcrawlers parengs most likely would have become canon.