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Marvel Zombies infiltrated earth 616! what kinda mayhem will ensue? who dies or lives? will 616 come to an end?

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I always thought that could be a interesting plot device for Brother Voodoo. I think everyone knows the association between voodoo and zombies. What if Brother Voodoo (BV) was charged with using his magic to protect 616 from zombie invasion. Maybe portals from the Marvel zombie universe open randomly and varying places in the 616 creating random zombie outbreaks. And BV's job would be to prevent it from escalating into a doomsday scenario like in Walking Dead.

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@xybernauts: but scary thing about this zombies are Metahumans who are intellectual given in to hunger, imagine if the powerhouses in 616 got infected. i think BV and Dr Strange with Tony Stark could stem the tide, the thing that annoys me about marvel zombies is Wolverine and Hulk shld have been immune to the virus likewise godclass Thor and Hercules too, and wldnt Ghost Rider be immune too? the plotholes is astounding. but FUN.

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@AkumaXGouken: But like @CrimsonCake: said, if that happened then the universe would have to be retcon. Instead what if the metahuman counter parts from another universe came into the 616 universe. Then you could have the best of both worlds. You can have a variety of stories where waves of metahuman zombies from one universe battle it out with the uninfected heroes of the 616.

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@xybernauts: Awesome, it be the collapse of entire multiverse, i can already see the mayhem and carnage around. retcon will be the most effective as Crimson and U said, it will cover all the plotholes, give new characters to shine or become cannon fodder. and best of all an event of this scale might finally restructure the entire power scale of every being around. interesting.