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Superman, Nightwing, Ben 10, Ultimate Spider-man

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whatever hero is omnipotent or nigh omnipotent.

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I'll just be myself.Beat the sh*t out of the bad guys,whoever threatens me or just annoys me will be beaten up and of course I won't expose my secret identity.

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Shaman X-Man.

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I have a few.

Marvel: X-Man (but with his Classic look), Spider-Man.

DC: Superman, Nightwing

DBZ: Future Gohan. (He was just too bad ass to exist for more than an TV Special and a special manga chapter.)

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Any hero in the silver age

where the world is a better place

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the Blob.

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whatever hero is omnipotent or nigh omnipotent.

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I'd be Hyperion , Flight, Eye-beams, an Eternal, and he's my favorite character so it was easy.

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A cosmic powerd teddy bear

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DC: Superman. That guy has every power you could ask for.

Marvel: Iron Man

DBZ: Cell. I know he's a villain but that guy kicks all kinds of ass.

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Captain Planet

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Alan Scott

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Live forever and mentally control people? Yes and yes.

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Plastic Man

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When else can you be a God?

After that, I'll pick either Iron Man or Batman. Whoever's richer.

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Probably the Flash , but I'd want to be a mixture of the the Hulk and Flash, the madder I get the stronger and faster I get

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DC........Superman, duh.

Marvel....probably Johnny Storm.

DBZ.....Vegeta. Don't have to be the hero, got Goku for that. Come home to Bulma. Hottest DBZ lady there is.

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Do I take on there moral beliefs and personality as well as there powers? I mean, pick a hero and fully become them?

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marvel-spiderman or black panther

DC- superman

bleach- ichigo kurosaki

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For Marvel I'd probably pick Black Panther as he's arguably Marvel's Best in this User's opinion.

For DC: Hal Jordan, Batman, or maybe even Superman.

For Other: Optimus Prime

For period: Either Optimus Prime or if he wasn't available Black Panther.

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Spawn and Black Panther are just B.As. Grew up watching Gohan. Captain Marvel is like the cool version of Superman.

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Marvel-Silver Surfer, he's the bestest

DC-Captain Marvel (Shazam)

Other- Ultra Magnus, similar to optimus but I'll die less

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id be flash for sure. The speed would be amazing. I would just travel for months

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Marvel -- Toss up between Elixir or Sif

DC - Wonder Woman (unless there is a character there that can heal people like Elixir -- then I would go with them)

Other: Lady Mechanika

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One of the Flashes. They always seemed to lead more normal lives than other heroes

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Iron Man if i get his wealth and intelligence as well. I could make some serious changes in the world.