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I guarantee that us comic readers have a charater that we all feel we're more like then others. Maybe it's Superman. The do gooder. The ultimate boyscout. Maybe it's Captain America for similar reasons. Maybe it's the Utlimate Captain America. The do gooder, believer in American and it's foundation, but will kill at the drop of a hat because you're a soldier. Maybe you're like the Hulk. Bullied so much, that you got fed up and...........well.........you hulked out. Stan Lee keeps saying that Spider-man was so successful because he was a teenager and kids could relate to him. Maybe you relate to one of the X-Men because of the race topic and you're minority. Tell me about it.

Back in the 90's I always liked how the Maxx was a tough guy, but when he freaked out and ended up in the "Outback" He was THE tough guy and couldn't be beat. Sure he went all Schitzo and instead of seeing a car he saw something like a whale, but when he was in Outback mode you couldn't beat him.

Back in the 90's and to this day there was another character I relate to and that's Wolverine. You see, I'm not the typical comic reader. I'm from a rought neighborhood where I had to fight. I had to do it often. I didn't look for it, but I never backed down either. Also, if someone I know say got beat up, I was the first to jump in a car, drive to who ever beat my friend or family member up, and returned the beating. Sometimes with my fists, often with a weopon or with over whelming numbers to back me up. Everything goes in war and violence.

I never looked for violence, and rarely started it, but I just laugh when I hear someone say violence doesn't solve problems, because it's solved a lot of mine.

Wolverine tho. Over the years. Has never apologized for what he done, because he always felt like he did the right thing. I just love how he's been written as the guy who takes the fight to the other guy, not for the sake of fighting, but to end it. He does it with honor. Like Wolverine, I wish I was raised somewhere where I could be niave' and peaceful, but I'm not. I don't have friends who read comics because of where I'm from. I go on here to talk comics. I'm just curious as to what characters people relate to.

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Harley Quinn... a permanently-damaging mad love that makes you will to do or sacrifice anything, and leaves permanent emotional scars that forever shape the way you live? Yeah. I can relate.

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I think the three comic characters I relate to the most are Wolverine,Hulk, and Batman.

I relate to Wolverine because like him, I've made a lot of mistakes in my life and I'm always trying to make up for them and better myself as a person like he does. I also relate to the anger Wolverine constantly tries to control and not let take over and define him as a person.

I relate to Bruce Banner because like him, I have been bullied and I can relate to the inferiority he has and the inner turmoil he has gathered. I can relate to the insane rage he feels, and find it inspiring as he doesn't let it control him.

I also think I can relate to Batman. Like him, I'm a good person at heart who can be broody and angry due to experiences in my life. Also like him, I try to move past my anger and create something bigger and better out of it. I find the guy inspiring.

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Batman. No seriously. We're both really serious people when you meet me in person due to all the tough crap I have to go through and see my family fall apart a couple times. I so want to take control of everything into my own hands.

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spider-man, batman.

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Tim Drake seems to be the closest to my personality.

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Spider-man, but I think that's an easy answer for all of us. I mean, who hasnt been a teen or felt like an outcast every once in a while? And Spidey was a ladies man :P.

I do think Marvel has more "relateable" characters, but while pondering this question, I re-confirmed something to myself, I want to look up to my heroes. I ultimately want them to be something to aspire to, not relate to. (Not instigating a debate, just what occurred to me while answering this)

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@deaditegonzo: amen couldn't have said it better myself and yes spidey goes for me too he was my first super hero who I looked up to and have always idolized even to this day with all the sacrafices he has done with all the turmoile with all backlash he gets from the public he still strives past all of that and does what he knows is right.

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Spidey/Peter Parker. His life is consistently falling apart from all angles and he has to rise above those obstacles as a highly-moralized hero each and every day. I'm no superhero, but I can strongly relate to the feeling. I literally ask myself "What would Spider-man do?", when solving problems, on a daily basis. I'm not ashamed whatsoever to admit that.

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Superman. Sure, he is an alien from another planet who has crazy superpowers and is nearly invincible and all of that. But essentially, he is just a kid from Kansas who one day realized he has the power to not only save the world, but change it. Maybe his most important power isnt super speed or strength, but the ability to inspire.

And while I may not resemble a character like Superman in any way, I like to live my life with a positive attitude and hope that it rubs off on others and impacts people's lives in a positive way.

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funnily enough, I guess On Some level Hulk.

I have a very cold and calm look normally, in fact if i don't know you my way of talking is a bit shy but respectful(unless your a close friend, and even then it's mostly the same). I'm mostly the background guy, like banner, sitting in the back seat or just simply not getting involved unless i have to. Even around friends i can tolerate a lot , but sometimes i seriously loose my F*cking sh*t, but i just don't get angry, like a normal person, i become f*cking furious at f*cking everything. i've lost my marbles many times in the past even at a friend before, it's terrible.

So i'm Like Banner who occasionally...well, you know the rest.

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@wolverine08: when I made the post, I figured Spider-man, because of the teen-ager comparison, but then I was happy when I thought of the Hulk. You mentioned the bullying part, but with the Hulk having the history he does, I never thought of the being bullied part till I saw the Hulk movie. As the for the relating to Batman because you're a good person, I can see your point, but I also believe Batman is just as crazy as the guys he chases. He just has different drive, and that's what Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum showed. Wolverine tho. there's a guy who does what some would think is bad, out of goodness. the Samurai. Sorry you got bullied before, I'm serious. I was a bully once, to only one person, but I also had a bond my victom, and instead of being mean, it ended up a game. I saw what I was doing wrong right away, but I kept the game going, and he knew it. I ended being his defender. There was about 3 times were someone older tried to bully me, but being the scrapper I am, I stood up for myself, and turned it on them. Comics was a big reason for it too. There's not much out there in life that's more gratifiying, then kicking the knee cap out from someone who is 3 years older then you, a foot taller, and watching him go down screaming in pain. Only to then jump on them and punch them in the face while saying "Who you FUCKING WITH NOW, HUH!?!?" You get a lot of respect, and confidence.

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I'm pretty Hulk like too. Especially now. At Maya.

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@joygirl said:

Harley Quinn... a permanently-damaging mad love that makes you will to do or sacrifice anything, and leaves permanent emotional scars that forever shape the way you live? Yeah. I can relate.

:'( awwwwww.

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Maybe Constantine?

I'm hardly as altruistic as most heroes.

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I loved your response to my posted topic. I don't see a lot of ego or confidence on here. I hate to sound like an asshole, but I made it something I read about the Hulk. How Banner is the Hulk because of repressed emotions from being bullied. I'm not the tyical comic fanboy. 99% of the people I've seen buying comic books from a comic book store appear like they could have used my help sometime in their life. I'm a scrapper, a street fighter with way to much knowledge on how to win a street fight against 1 person, or 5 people. I don't have friends that read comics, and have to come on Comicvine just to talke to people about comics. I've had actually defend myself just because I read comics. I've been the bully, learned from my mistakes, and have also become the defender of the bullied. I know why a lot of people by comics. How it's their escape from real life, and who ever it is they are reading about is the winner against the opresser and the insane. I guaranteed they day dream of themselves having powers where they can be the hero or defender. Your comment tho. Took guts. Harley Quinn. Let me tell. Any, and every male who watched Batman the animated series fell in LOVE with Harley Quinn. You compared youself to her, and that's fine, but I just had to look your profile up to see what was what. I hit your follow button, but in your images, I didn't see anything that could have been you. Over a thousand pics, and not one of you. If you're gonna act that confident, back it up with a self pic.

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Captain America. A good military man who thought he was doing the right thing by sign up for some little "science experiments". Am I glad I have what I have? Of course. But can I get a little distressing at some moments? Sure.

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I'm a manipulative bastard, what can I say?

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Franklin Richards, dr. Doom or mr terrific

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Norrin Radd, perhaps. Because, when I look at my own race...I think about how insane and stupid they are...Or maybe someone else.

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I guess Fantomex or Gambit.

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for me cyclops (old cyclops) or rick grimes. I get picked to be the leader a lot, even when I dont really want to be.

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I would say i most relate with Beast, he and I both share the quite unfortunate position among friends. Also between us we share the gifts of being good athletes and top tier students. I attempt to be gentle and logical but when angered (rarely) I am the opposite of kind in all meanings. But I do enjoys he company of almost anyone but preferably those who understand me in my odd moments.

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Batman and Spider-Man

Batman cause i'm rich,and i like little boys too,and Spider-Man cause i shoot a big amount of white sticky substance out om my body too......

I find the guys relatable..........(too soon?...)

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wolverine, punisher. because they are all smilles. like me.

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The Elongated Man. We have a lot in common.

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Nightwing, probably.

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Batman, or Wolverine.

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Daredevil- we share the same path of life he is an advocate seeking justice same as i as a kid he didn't have a normal life living with his dad alone finding a way to survive and adapt he can hear see thinks that no one else can living in this world alone because no one understands him and trying to be a good friend

Wolverine- we don't share much but we have the same problem with aggression low temper and brutal as same with love

Batman-i am not a big fan of him and i don't read him very much but we share the same when it comes to peak condition stealth and wanting to be and work alone finding relaxation and power in dark places or when its night and the gadgets

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Donatello. I have a brother I'm really close to. I love pizza! And I'm somewhat of a smart guy.

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Superman , Ozymandias , Lex Luthor or Punisher

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@jamdamage: Sorry, nope, not yet. Maybe sometime. But not yet.

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Hulkling, we keep so much in and tend to laugh on the outside to hide it. Plus I also like cute boys and Skrulls. I also have a friend who is named Kate so that's a link I guess....

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Jamie Madrox. Same kind of humor, conflicted, trying to do the right thing but making mistakes along the way. Standing up for what you believe in etc. I can relate very well to the guy :)

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The most I relate to is Ant-Man. The psychological trauma that he has and the guilt reminds me of me so much.

Another one is black bolt. Although he doesn't talk because its dangerous, for me well I'm a blunt person and well my words can cause problems/serious issues. So yeah.

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Static. Neither of us were the typical black kid in the room. We're both nerdy and somewhat awjward. Like Virgil, once I got into high school, I had a gang that would frequently threaten me in class, and I'm not even gonna cap, Iwas scared. Who isn't scared of a group of 11+ kids who have a reputation for seriously not giving a f*** who they jump?

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Kyle Rayner!!!

He is me with a power ring!

He aspires to be the best person he can be.

He lost his mom like me.

He is a jokester similar to me.

He is a hopeless romantic and a hopeful person who tries to bring out the best in people.

He has a friend who is a troll and a bit arrogant (Guy Garder). I have a friend who is VERY similar.

AND FINALLY! He is also a big fan of comics and pop culture like all of us.

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If I say I relate to someone I would probably lie. I always thought that Super-heroes were made to inspire and not relate, Superman, Batman they are archetypes that you should look up to. I have literally nothing in common with them except the gender. I could say that Spiderman is the most relatable but I was never the "nerd" or had superpowers :-P

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Batman. Like Batman I happen to be a genius billionaire that gets tons of b!tches.

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@theacidskull: Thanx for the response you gave. I was surprised I received as may responses as I did to this forum. You gave the most detailed reason why. I totally understand why you feel as you do and not because I relate to YOU, but because of the answer you gave. I relate myself with Wolverine, and I gave my reasons why. I like to stand up for the little guy, and I'm also not afraid to do what I believe in, even when others don't agree with me. I also belive violence is a solution to some problems (which might make me sound like I'm nut, or even just an idiot), but I've solved a problem or 2 with violence. I'm not talking about using violence just for the sake of using violence, but for when it's needed. There's a girl I know who was dating an older guy, and one time when she was sleeping naked in his bed he took some pictures of her. She's a close friend of mine and told me that he was sending the pics he took of her to people she knows, and even to her, just out of spite. Well I know who the guy is, and I went to his house. He moved into his mothers house to take care of her, since she's sick, so I asked for him politely, and I took him around the side of the house where I got his phone with the pics and broke it, and when he made his move, I made mine. Lets just say no one is recieving any more pics, and she told me he ended up calling her and apologizing about what he did. She has no idea I went to his house and did what I did, but I feel good about it because she had no one else to help her out, and it would have gotten worse. I don't need to know that she knows I did this. I feel I did a good thing. I felt like I helped a person with a problem. Feels good too. Feels like a hero.

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@joygirl said:

Harley Quinn... a permanently-damaging mad love that makes you will to do or sacrifice anything, and leaves permanent emotional scars that forever shape the way you live? Yeah. I can relate.


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this thread feels...emo

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I relate best to Darkseid. Our personalities and goals are nearly identical.

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I relate best to Darkseid. Our personalities and goals are nearly identical.

You scare me.