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After seeing all the preview covers for the #21s coming out next month with the new creative teams/direction, I can't help but be super pumped and excited to check out ALL of them. I also heard a podcast where thy interviewed Robert Venditti and it seems he's going to explore some new things and take some big risks early on (not to mention most of it being out in space). This news has me elated, as Johns is great but I'd like a nice change of direction for Hal and the Corps. Not to mention this new villain coming out named Relic looks like an absolute beast. Anyway, I digress.

Which ones are you going to pick up and/or are most excited for and why? I'm probably most excited for GL and GL Corps. Those covers look great too!

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All of them. I think GL is the most exciting corner of the DCU. As a whole. I am least excited for GLNG, though. Not sure why.

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Green Lantern, Green Lantern: New Guardians and Larfleeze. I lost all excitement I had for GLC and Red Lanterns once Fialkov left.

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I'll be picking up Green Lantern and New Guardians, as I have been since the start. I'm planning to add Larfleeze to my pull-list, and I'll give Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns two issues to see if they're worth picking up.

Red Lanterns was on my pull-list, but fell off because it's gotten really lackluster since about #10 or so. I picked up Corps for crossovers, but I'm just not a Guy Gardner or John Stewart fan. I'd rather get my Gardner in Justice League International if it ever returns.

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@twentyfive: I'd have to agree that GL gets me more excited at times than probably any other title. I think it's because how well the family of books can (but don't have to) tie together. I like that DC is doing a fresh creative team with Johns departure. It's a smart move.

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Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lantern: New Guardians.

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@smashbrawler: yeah it's definitely a drag Fialkhov bounced. But I think it's only fair we give these other writers a chance (yet I'm not quite sure who they are at the moment). Anyone remember their names? Haha

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@extremis: Van Jensen for GLC, Charles Soule for Red Lanterns. Never read anything from the former but Soule has been doing a good job on Swamp Thing so far. I'm not really feeling like reading these two books anyway, mostly because I've been wanting to drop some titles for a while now, and this feels like the perfect opportunity.

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Darkest Night

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Alllllll of theeeeeem!!

I hope the Larfleeze art is better then it was in his little mini series.

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Green Lantern and maybe Larfleeze.

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