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Not who will win the fight, but a comicbook fight that would be awesome to watch happen.

1.) Make sure they share the same universe(Dark Horse, DC, Image, Marvel etc etc).

2.) Explain why you'd to see this fight. There's no right or wrong answer, but anything than "Just cause" is boring to read.

3.) Do not respond to someone else's post with "X would totally defeat Y"

4.) While setting up the scenario is fine the concept of "Morals off" runs contrary to a character's traits. Please avoid it.

An example:

I'd love to see Basilisk(The Cyclops of Age of X) battle Cyclops, both of them, in a three way battle. Young Cyclops trying to stop the Elder Cyclops from blowing up a Sentinel factory while both of them try to stop Basilisk from executing the humans involved with the new Sentinel project. A battle to see their differences, same powers, same person different lives.

I'd love to see Roy and Jason Todd go at it. They've been trained by some of the most powerful humans on the planet, they have very little holding them back. I'd love to see what they're really capable of.

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i'd like to see Mister Sinister take on Iron Man. In Sinister London where Tony is at a disadvantage but Sinister being generally unaware of Tony's tricks and tech.

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