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Here is my story...I was out of reading comic books for many years. I just dove back in recently and am looking for more suggestions to read that I might like based on my current list. I am looking for stuff that is out now or upcoming. Anything at all really. Thanks all!


Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Frankenstein, Aquaman, Resurrection Man, Action Comics, Earth 2, The Shade, The Flash, Justice Lge. Dark, Dial H, All-Star Western, Batman, Sweet Tooth, The Spider, Fatale, Saga, Epic Kill, Mind the Gap, Smoke and Mirrors, Trio, Resident Alien, Daredevil, Supurbia, Dan the Unharmable, The Secret Service.

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I vampire, Suicide Squad, Worlds' finest, Teen Titans, Detective comics, Superboy, Nightwing, Red hood and the outlaws, Batman and Robin, Batman incorporated, Green lantern, Supergirl, Wonder Woman.

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I think you may like X-factor. Peter David has a good mix of humor and action in his series.

Young Avengers if you like a short series. Cheung's art is just amazing for me.

Justice League Dark is a good read for me. I think you may like it.

I actually enjoy World's Finest a lot, try checking it out.

I think the only one I recommend against would be Avengers vs X-men. I tried to like it, but it's very illogical for me. The writers are very biased with the characters.

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X-Men, Superman, Zeus, Darkseild, Thor and I cant think of any others.

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Ultimate spiderman. The Darkness. My two cents.

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You should get Amazing Spiderman and Wonder Woman also.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys!