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So as the title explaines,what comics currently make up your New 52 pull list and what comics are you considering adding to it?

My pull list look something like this:

Aquaman (started reading it recently,this title is BOSS!)



Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corp

Green Lantern: New Guardians

Justice League

Justice League of America

Justice League Dark

Superman Unchained

Wonder Woman



Swamp Thing

Green Arrow

Are these comics good?

Let me know your current pull list below! :D

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Detective Comics




Superman Unchained

Green Lantern

New Guardians

Red Lanterns

Justice League

Justice Leauge of America

Dropped Dark Knight and Action Comics a while ago to add room to my pull.

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Earth Two

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Currently my list for the new 52 is a bit short. Superman , Batman/Superman, Superboy and Superman Unchained.

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@darksider555: Yes, all books you've mentioned are good.

The Flash has THE best art in the new 52...just look at these panels:

With Green Arrow though, start reading from issue 17.

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  • Constantine

That is all lol

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Green Arrow.

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  • Batman
  • Batman and Robin
  • Batman Incorporated
  • Green Arrow
  • Animal Man
  • Justice League
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Green Arrow and Aquaman.

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Mine is a pretty simple and small list.

Superman Unchained

Action Comics

Green Lantern

Red Lantern

Green Lantern New Guardians

Considering to get at least one of these:

Green Arrow

The Flash

Green Lantern Corps


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I read most of them apart from like 5 books

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@darksider555: Yes, all books you've mentioned are good.

The Flash has THE best art in the new 52...just look at these panels:

With Green Arrow though, start reading from issue 17.

yeah, i heard that Jeff Lemire took over and has done wonders for Green Arrow,and both Flash and Swamp Thing are very good I hear. just the problem is that my wallet is crying for help :D

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Green Arrow
Superman Unchained
Justice League
Only for trinity war : JLD and JLA

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  • Superman Unchained
  • Batman and... (For a short time only on the next two issues)
  • Wonder Woman

I used to read Green Lantern too but I've stopped with Venditti's run.

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I am currently only pulling Swamp Thing and Batman right now from DC.

Over the past year, I have dropped Justice League, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Deathstroke, Hawkman, Animal Man, Phantom Stranger, and Green Lantern. I think I read close to a dozen issues of each of those titles before dropping them except Phantom Stranger which I dropped after 3. DC just hasn't been doing it for me.

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Animal Man


Batman Inc.

Constantine (on the fence)

Green Arrow

JLA (dropping after Trinity War)


Suicide Squad

Swamp Thing

Haven't made up my mind about Superman Unchained or Batman/Superman yet. May just pick those up in trade.

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Detective Comics

Green Lantern

Justice League

Justice League Dark (for Trinity War only)

Justice League of America

Superman Unchained

The Flash

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It use to be:

Earth 2

Green Arrow



Demon Knights

Savage Hawkman


Now it's:

Earth 2

Green Arrow


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Earth 2









Considering Adding:

Green Arrow again

Considering Dropping:


Earth 2

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I'm behind on the new 52 (I'm on month 6) so I'm not up to the second wave, but I currently get:


Justice League


The Flash

Batman and Robin


And I plan on getting (when I get up to the month their wave came out):

Justice League Of America

Superman Unchained


Green Arrow

And I might get (when I get up to the month their wave came out):

Batman Inc.

Earth 2


Does anyone have any recommendations or advice on those last three?

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Batman, Batman & Robin, Justice League, The Flash, All Star Western

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Batman, Justice League, Flash

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dark knight

batman and ____



action comics


superman unchained



justice league



world's finest



teen titans

red lanterns


green lantern

new guardians





animal man


demon knights


hope i didn't forget anything lol

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Justice League Titles:

1. Justice League

2. Justice League of America

3. Justice League of America’s Vibe

4. Flash

5. Aquaman

6. Wonder Woman

7. Green Arrow

8. Earth 2

Batman Titles:

9. Detective Comics

10. Batman

11. Batman & Robin

12. Batgirl

13. Nightwing

14. Batwing

15. Red Hood and the Outlaws

16. Birds of Prey

Superman Titles:

17. Action Comics

18. Superman

19. Superboy

20. Supergirl

21. Superman Unchained

22. Smallville Season 11

Green Lantern Titles:

23. Green Lantern

24. Green Lantern Corps

25. Green Lantern: New Guardians

The Dark Titles:

26. Justice League Dark

27. Phantom Stranger

28. Animal Man

29. Swamp Thing

30. Demon Knights

The Edge/Young Justice Titles:

31. Teen Titans

32. Suicide Squad

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1) The Flash

2) Green Lantern

3) GL:New Guardians

4) Swamp Thing

5) Justice League

6) Justice League of America

7) Justice League Dark

Not sure on Batman/Superman and Unchained

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@sinestro_gl: I've picked up a few issues of Flash, here and there, and the art is by far my favorite out of the comics I usually get.

My new52 list looks like this

  • Batwing
  • Aquaman
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • Earth 2
  • Green Arrow

Add Image Comic's SAGA and Marvel's Young Avengers and thats my entire pull list.

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@blkson said:

@sinestro_gl: I've picked up a few issues of Flash, here and there, and the art is by far my favorite out of the comics I usually get.

My new52 list looks like this

  • Batwing
  • Aquaman
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • Earth 2
  • Green Arrow

Add Image Comic's SAGA and Marvel's Young Avengers and thats my entire pull list.

The art is great, ain't it? :)

I also tend to like Ivan Reis' work. His work on Aquaman was great, as is his current run on JL

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  1. Batman
  2. Batman and Robin
  3. Batman/Superman
  4. Justice League

I think I might move Batman and Robin to my Collect Later list... to make room for an Indie title.

Collect Later List

16. New Avengers
Digital: I have 1 & 2 collected
17. Avengers
Digital: I have 1-4 collected
15. Savage Wolverine
Digital: I have 1 & 2 collected
9. Superman
Digital: I have 16 &17 collected Okay book, but dropped it to collect later.
12. The Phantom Stranger
Digital: I have 2 & 5 collected
1. Shadowman
Digital: I have 1 & 2 collected Once I collect all the issues I'm missing I will put it in the Pull List
8. Justice League of America
Digital: I have 1-3 collected I'll start to collect this when Trinity War begins
10. Aquaman
Digital: I have 15 & 16 collected + vol 1 HC
6. Detective Comics
Digital: I have 17 & 18 collected
2. Hellboy
I have the 1st issue, Hellboy is one of my favorite characters so I'd like to read something with him in it. I have a lot to collect!...
3. Fatale
Only have the 1st issue
23. Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus
read the preview, seems like something I would like.
22. Creepy
24. Wolverine: Old Man Logan
Below this is the books I want!
25. The Spider: Terror of the Zombie Queen!
26. The Shadow: The Fire of Creation
4. Masks
Digital: I have 1 issue collected I might look into each characters solo title if they interest me in Masks.
21. Black Bat
27. Judge Dredd: Year One
20. Invincible
30. Witchblade
29. The Darkness
1 276 235 2264
28. Artifacts
13. JSA
I'm interested in this team so I want to get some issues!
14. Justice Society of America
7. Demon Knights
11. Swamp Thing
18. Daredevil
19. Hawkeye
5. Superman Unchained
$5 is too much for an issue, I'll collect it later. 1st issue was good though.

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I've just cut my pull list down a little bit (mainly reducing the bat & super titles), but here's my current list!

  • 1. Green Lantern
  • 2. Green Lantern : New Guardians
  • 3. Green Lantern Corps
  • 4. Red Lanterns
  • 5. Batman
  • 6. Batgirl
  • 7. Superman Unchained
  • 8. Justice League
  • 9. Justice League of America
  • 10. Justice League Dark (just starting)
  • 11. Trinity Of Sin : Pandora
  • 12. Green Arrow
  • 13. The Flash
  • 14. Constantine
  • 15. Detective Comics
  • 16. Aquaman
  • 17. Batman / Superman
  • 18. Larfleeze

That's mainly it at the moment... Luckily, I enjoy all of them a lot! :D

I really want to pick up the Swamp Thing trades & start to collect that as well, as I've only heard good things about that & I think it looks pretty interesting...

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  1. Action Comics (though after Morrison left I'm only buying it on a month to month basis, and might drop it anytime)
  2. Adventures of Superman (this is the best Superman book on the market now, bar none, and already one of the best of all time)
  3. Aquaman (the series is no longer DC's best since Reis left, but Johns' writing still makes it worth reading each month)
  4. Batman (do you really need a reason why?)
  5. Batman '66 (don't wait to read this in print; digital is the definitive version!)
  6. Batman/Superman (how can anyone not buy a book drawn by Jae Lee?)
  7. Earth-2 (James Robinson may have left, but as long as Nicola Scott, the best artist in the industry, stays on this title, so do I)
  8. Green Arrow (The new creative team has made this one of DC's best books at the moment)
  9. Justice League (Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis playing with the core cast of the DC universe)
  10. Justice League of America (at least through Trinity War and almost certainly beyond)
  11. Superman Unchained (I wasn't all that impressed with the first issue, but given the pedigree of Snyder and Lee I'll stay a while)

  • Green Lantern I dropped after Geoff Johns left the title
  • I, Vampire, having read the first issue recently, I plan to pick up in full when the series goes on sale through Comixology
  • Justice League Dark I'll be following exclusively during Trinity War
  • Wonder Woman I read the first trade of, and am perplexed by the critical acclaim given to the series.

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My new 52 pull-list is a little small.

But, then again, my entire pull-list is a little small.

Batman, Batman/Superman, and Aquaman.

I plan to add Green Arrow, then maybe another Bat-family title.

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Green Arrow

Superman Unchained


Green Lantern

GL Corps

GL New Guardians

Red Lanterns



Justice League of America( about to drop. Not really interested in the Trinity War).

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Justice League

Wonder Woman


Thinking of dropping Batwoman for Nightwing or Suicide Squad.