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What do you want to see in Marvel Now wave 2?

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Iron Fist and Black Panther solo books. NOW.

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^. Would also like a book that does Hank Pym some justice plz

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A new Marjorie Liu X book. A new Peter David X book. That's about it.

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One more time: I want to see a solo book for Squirrel Girl.

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And more Hank Pym.

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Heard there was going to be a Silver Surfer book.

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New xmen, alpha flight, black panther, power man & ironfist, MOON KNIGHT, punisher max

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@wolverine08: What about a Heroes for hire book, with just Iron Fist and Luke Cage?

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Hercules back in his own solo series where he can be repowered and continue drinking beer, picking up women and kicking ass.

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A Thor and Hercules team up book like @powerherc suggested a couple of days ago would be awesome too.

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A Thor and Hercules team up book like @powerherc suggested a couple of days ago would be awesome too.

I flattered that you thought it was my idea, I wish it was, but it was actually Z3RO180's idea.

It's a great idea, too!

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Winter Soldier

A cosmic book with Richard Rider (not gonna happen)

Iron Fist

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AMAZING spiderman!!!!!war Machine based on military style missions

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Black panther please...and bring back Ghost Rider

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Hyperion, Silver Surfer, Hellstorm, Ghost Rider, Dr. Spectrum, Dr. Strange, Cloak & Dagger, Shang Chi & Iron Fist, Starbrand, Moon Knight, Marvel Team-up, & What If?

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Amazing X-men, Spectacular X-Men, Sensational X-Men, Superior X-men, Avenging X-Men, Uncanny X-Men 2, Mighty X-Men, Dark X-Men, Secret X-Men, All old X-Men.

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Spider-Woman or Spectrum(Monica Rambeau) solo titles could be cool.

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Heroes for Hire with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. It should have an Alias feel to it and maybe be MAX.

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One more time MOON KNIGHT!!!!

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Decent deadpool

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Black Panther solo.

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- New X-Men (Revolving around the Academy X kids, so Hellion, Surge etc)
- Captain Britain and/or MI:13
- Heroes for Hire (Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, a darker; grittier tale though)
- Dr. Strange/Mystic Avengers (Lead by Strange, with appearances from the usual mystic folk. Hellstrom, Satana, Jennifer Kale, Wiccan, Scarlet Witch, Ghost Rider, Blade etc)
- Hercules/God Squad (Either would make me content).

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1. Hercules

2. Silver Surfer

3. Ghost Rider

4. Beta Ray Bill

5. Ares

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1. The Punisher

2. Moon Knight

3. Black Panther

4. Blade

5. Ghost Rider

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Peter Parker Spider-Man, and Black Panther!

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Spider woman solo book

Spectrum solo book

Black widow solo book

A runaways book

A team book led by Abigail Brand.

Mabye a new version of the New Warriors.

More female driven books. More books with PoC( prehaps a big hero 6 book?) More books with LGBTQ characters.

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Well it's about damn time we get another Wolverine book!

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Cloak and Dagger that is all

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@extremis: I know you are being sarcastic, but the Wolverine fanboy in me craves for more Wolverine. Lol.

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black panther solo

cloak & dagger book

luke cage & ironfist book

taskmaster solo

moon knight solo

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@wolverine08: haha fair enough I can respect that. I probably wouldn't even mind it if I didn't think marvel should give some other guys and gals a chance first.

To be honest I'm baffled why they haven't given characters like Thor and Iron Man the same treatment. Their now part of pop ulture thanks to Hollywood, you'd think Marvel would cash in. (They do show up in everyone elses titles though)

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id like to see vision and hank pym get their own series both are great under rated characters. i think daredevil needs another book just because its been my consistent fav book for over 10 years. and if we are going for sarcasm id love to see another xmen book and another avengers book that sucks!! but another serious book id love to see dr. doom get his own series and dr strange needs some love as well since he had a movie announced

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@extremis: Like you said, I think Marvel exposes people like Iron Man and Thor by putting them in lots of team books, and letting the Marvel U revolve around them. Wolverine on the other hand gets his exposure through solo titles since the Marvel U doesn't revolve around him.

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@wolverine08: ah good point.

Still surprised they haven't released like a Thor: Odinson book (or something like that) chronicling his and Loki's various escapades. Maybe even a big 2 publisher knows some restraint time and again.

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  1. Winter Soldier (Relaunch)
  2. The Punisher
  3. Black Widow
  4. Black Panther (T' Challa)
  5. Black Panther (Shuri)
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- Ghost Rider ( I would prefer Ketch being the lead to revamp him)

- Midnights Sons ( Ghost Rider (Both Ketch and Blaze), Blade, Hannibal King, Frank Drake, Morbius, Werewolf by Night, Magik, and Dr. Strange in a supervising role. With the possibility of Scarlet Witch, Satana, Elsa Bloodstone, and other supernatural characters playing a role as either as possible team members or just contacts)

- X-Man/Nate Grey solo title.

I am well aware that all the above is totally not likely to happen. But I will remain steadfast in my desire to have these books.

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-Kid Omega and Wolverine series?

-Anything with Blink in it where she's not a ditz

-Anything with the Technarchy

-Alpha Flight

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-X-Man solo series

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  1. Doctor Doom!!!!
  2. Dr Strange (DC are trashing Marvel when it comes to magic\mystic titles
  3. Antman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Daredevil
  5. Black Panther
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  • A Silver Surfer series for certain. He's one of the biggest cosmic characters at Marvel and the fact he hasn't had a series for a while should be changed
  • A Hercules series
  • A Hank Pym solo series
  • A Doctor Strange series
  • A Nick Fury series and I mean the ORIGINAL Nick Fury, not the cinematic knock off.
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  • Silver Surfer... Yes and a movie because he is or used to be an A-Lister, time he was returned to glory
  • The X-Kids (About time)
  • Alpha Flight... I would buy atleast 4 copies of each issue
  • New Warriors title
  • Elektra series
  • Black Panther

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A book with the underdogs.

Jack Flag

American Eagle



Speedball (If he still goes by that)

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Looking back at this now that it has been announced people were close.