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this is a superhero idea i have,I'd like some feedback , opinions ,possible improvements. -The Black Badge. This is a Mexican immigrant ,Juan Torres, who lives in El Paso, he has a wife and child who he cares deeply for, their relationship is very loving, Juan would literally do anything for his family. He believes he and his family are mistreated here in the United States , but he stays here because he knows the life they have here is better than the one they had in Mexico. When he was a younger man in Mexico he had been an excellent, soldier who had proven very efficient in battle, and had even been used as a spy. His history becomes known to a completely private organization known as Black Badge International, their existence is only to the governments of the worlds countries and the United Nations, they work to fight terrorists and other threats to national security, they do not work for any one country, they were founded by many world leaders to attempt to create a more secure world. This organization has one agent in all countries doing their best to assist and keep the country safe. These are not everyday men however they are given a serum that enhances to the absolute peak of human condition, they are trained in every known style of fighting. The agent in each country is known as a black badge. Juan Torres is chosen to be the American black badge , he accepts someone hesitantly at first, but ultimately accepts seeing it as the best way to protect his family, however he is seen unfavorably by some people in government , some not all , because of his race, this along with the maltreatment his family sometimes gets makes him sometimes question his loyalty to the country he is supposed to be protecting, he continues however because of his family. His enemies however sometimes try to take advantage of his fluctuating loyalty, but ultimately his devotion to his family keeps him on the right track. Speaking of villains I don't have a lot of villain ideas. The only idea is another organization, the brotherhood of the phoenix, wich try to destroy about 80% of earths population, then bring a perfect civilization out the ashes of the old one. They have a strong presence in the u.s, they are the nemesis of the entire black badge international, not just of Juan torres. So yeah that's my idea. Like I said I'd like any feedback, opinions, other villain ideas, constructive criticisms, it's all welcome.

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@MightySammy94: Sounds like a good start to a story at least concept wise.

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Captain Amexica vs Adolf al Ghul

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@Crom-Cruach said:

@MightySammy94: Sounds like a good start to a story at least concept wise.

Except I don't think you'll find many Americans who want to read about a Mexican defending American all while not liking them too much.

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Yeah, you've certainly chosen your target demographic.