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Poll: What do you think of Injustice: Gods Among Us? (Comic Book Question of the Week) (124 votes)

Absolutely love it. 55%
It's pretty good. 31%
Eh, it's okay. 6%
I'm disappointed, but it's still somewhat enjoyable. 2%
What is this garbage? This game is a huge disappointment. 6%

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I liked it

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I want it.

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I just wish you didn't have to buy the Special Edition for Bat's, Sup's, and WW's New 52 costumes. I really hate Bat's normal character design.

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It was good but could have been better.

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The game has been a blast so far. I especially love all the comic book references. In fact, I have to say this game may be a bit too dense for non-DC readers (for example: Brainiac 5 in Ares' ending).

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Awesome stuff, i love it

The story still is kinda dumb tho lol

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It's pretty good.

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This game was epic in every way, if i had to find something it would have to be mmh's involvement factor. But 10/10, great game. To me, mk9 and injustice by far are the two deepest, high replay value fighting games I've ever played in quite some time. Best story lines for any fighter by far..

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I wish all fighting games could put this effort into a games story. Capcom, Sega, Namco you guys could take a lesson in "good" storytelling.

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I love it. The only thing I really don't enjoy is some of the character designs and portrayals. I feel NetherRealm's fingerprints are a little heavy on that.

As a comic fan and gamer who loves fighting games, Injustice is the most refreshing fighter this generation, and easily one of the best.

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I love this game and the whole nightwing thing was awesome.

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Loving it! I have not played story mode yet, just spent a few hours learning the game and fighting among family members. so much fun!

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My preorder from Amazon got delayed so I won't be able to vote on time. :(

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Thus far the story is cliched as all get out (rarely play a fighter for that though). BUT, the game play is GREAT! Really think the system is fluid, easy to pick up and play, but appropriately difficult to master. All the characters I've tried out thus far feel properly realized in the game as far as fighting style and abilities go.

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I really love it. My favorite character is Aquaman.

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I haven't played it yet,so I can't tell.

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I love the game but I don't like the design of the characters... Superman, Shazam! and Flash look sucks... really ugly

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Like it so far. I've just been playing through for the endings. Flash seems to be my speed. (No pun intended there. )Superman and GA are middle ground and Green Lantern is a chara I can't seem to use.

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The game is fun, there are very awkward elements in the game though.

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Seriously, why is there never an I don't care option?

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Seriously, why is there never an I don't care option?

Because I'd like to assume you wouldn't bother entering the thread if you don't care in the first place?

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Wuvs it :)