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what do think should screwattack put on there next death battle? For all of you death battle lovers who just saw that goku vs superman what do you think they should have next????

Personally I want a Ryu vs Iron Fist. It would make a great video if you compared statistics and made a fight

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Iron Fist wins hands down

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This is one I have always wanted to see Invincible vs Superboy

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Naruto vs Luffy

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Batman VS Everyone

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I really want to see Sonic vs The Flash in a Death Race type of Death Battle. Although I also want to see Superman vs Martian Manhunter, Iron Man vs Batman w/ prep time, Thor vs Sentry. Just a few ideas I think are good.

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Imo Goku again v Kyle Rayner

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Juggernaut vs Blob:P

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Deadpool vs Deathstroke

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Anyone else think screwattack sounds like a euphemism

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Mega Man vs Iron Man