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Title says it all.

I Just got home with my haul and was wondering what you Viners got?

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Judge Dredd Classics

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Here's mine:

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I got Infinity, Sonic/Mega Man and Aphrodite IX

My shop only lets you take three.

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Infinity and Superman.

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Most of the kiddy stuff for my son. I tend to get most of my comics digitally so we went for my son.

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I may miss it and am very pissed off

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Infinity, Superman and Judge Dredd Classics. Those were the only free comic books left when I got to my comic book shop this afternoon. My comic book shop also had some special offers on due to being Free Comic Book Day and so I got some other stuff too. All in all it has been a good day for my comic book collection. Woo

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1/2 priced back issues and graphic novels, at my LCS. FCBD '13

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My shop ran out of Infinity and I really wanted it. But i got Superman, Star wars, Sonic, Dc nation super sampler

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Infinity, Superman, Mass Effect and Aphrodite IX.

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Star Wars, TMNT, Kaboom Summer Spectacular, Dragon Ball/Ruruoni Kenshin, and the Valiant special. My LCS also had a buy one get one free sale on trades so I picked up both volumes of Astonishing X-Men Ultimate Collection.