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Tell me what you guys think:

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Clark Kent again. Just have the writers from Arrow on Superman's series. This will ultimately give Kent the same edge that is on the Arrow TV series.

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Wonder Woman and Nightwing

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You just got to change the name, because Justice League Dark Is a Dumb Title......

Justice League Dark
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Id like to see DC give that Creeper cartoon a shot. or at least some shorts on DC nation.

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F*** it.


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CW? They're best left with street levelers. A Red Hood show could be good. Document his lost years and such. But as of now that's probably too similar to Arrow. I could see a Vixen show on the CW. Since most of their actors could be models anyway, it would work.

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Nightwing, Flash, and Shazam.

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Joker (keeping it PG-13 though)

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Constantine would be awesome. Probably never happen since it'd be similar to Supernatural.

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Nightwing or Zatanna would work the best.

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The Question. There aren't enough good mystery shows on TV.

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@Pokeysteve: Have you seen Ripper Street yet? That's an amazing mystery series. That has to be the best new show this year. It comes on BBC and BBC America. 
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Red Hood/Jason Todd show would be epic.

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@judasnixon: Seen previews but haven't checked it out. I've been glued to Elementary. Closest to a good mystery I can find, and pretty close to what I imagine a Question show would be like. Almost.

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None of them should be on the CW, or else we'll get good looking 20 somethings spewing "clever" by which I mean "cheesy" dialogues and being involved in love triangles. 

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An entire network should be dedicated to it.

The lineup could go something like this...

The Question - Alien Conspiracies

Hawkman - Antique Roadshow

Booster Gold - Pawnstars

Sportsmaster - Worldwide Sports

Granny Goodness - Bitchin Kitchen

Green Lantern - How Its Made

Batman - CSI Gotham

...the possibilities are endless.

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cw should explore tv shows based on dc's icons like clark kent, bruce wayne, diana prince, barry allen, hal jordan, katar hol, arthur curry, cyborg. Maybe cw should also try a teen titans show with cyborg, starfire, beast boy and raven.

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Gotham P.D.

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Definitely agree on Nightwing and Wonder Woman getting their own TV shows. I also think that John Constantine and Zatanna should be the main characters in a TV show. Someone suggested above that a Justice League Dark show would be good, and I agree, but with the rumors that Guillermo del Toro is making a movie based on that, I don't know if they'd make a TV show starring all of those same characters anytime soon. But if they just featured Constantine and Zatanna, I could see it having a real Supernatural-like vibe, which I guess could be either good or bad, since Supernatural is still showing on the CW. But it would be cool regardless.

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For a cw magic show like supernatural, maybe do a Constantine solo tv show. Another possibility is a Timothy Hunter tv show. Cw can also try a show similar to alphas or heroes which can be dc related or not. Maybe do some justice society members as metas such as Ted Grant, Al Pratt, Ted Knight, Terry Sloane, etc. For Legion, can do it with star gates so aliens and human aliens from the United Planets are able to mingle with earthlings easily.

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gotham pd

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@The Stegman said:

None of them should be on the CW, or else we'll get good looking 20 somethings spewing "clever" by which I mean "cheesy" dialogues and being involved in love triangles.


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@judasnixon said:

Gotham P.D.

Would you intend for it to be just like other crime series, such as C.S.I. ,or more of a televised version of the Detective Comics that focused on Gordon. (If you read them. They're also collected in the Black Mirror graphic novel.) I like your idea, depending on how it's executed.

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@AustinHasten: I would just throw a crap load of money at Greg Rucka and tell him to do what ever he wants. 
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Red Hood, Nightwing, Question, or Catwoman.

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blue & gold-booster gold and blue beetle


another birds of prey , the current series adapted to a show would be cool



anything else won't look so good on a tv show

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