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which members of the dc universe do you think could lift mjolnir?

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Black Adam

Superboy Prime


just a few who would be fun to read while they possess it.

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Hmm...Aquaman springs to mind, actually. He's a noble prince like Thor, honorable and humble, and willing to kill when necessary.

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you think wonder woman or superman could be worthy?

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@sog7dc: Wonder Woman yes but I think to be worthy of the hammer you have to be a warrior aka willing to kill and that's not Superman

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The individual would have to be worthy, I'd say WW and possibly Shazam pre-52!

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Superman and Wonder Woman are listed as worthy of picking up Mjolnir (there's even a pic of WW holding it). The whole "worthy" factor is incredibly vague. It seems to have more to do with honor and integrity rather than having a super strict set of moral codes.

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Didn't Superman have the hammer in a cross over or was that just fan art? (If you don't know what I'm talking about it's Superman on the moon with Caps shield and the hammer in his hand)