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What would you like to see made into a comic book? I think an Elder Scrolls themed title would be awesome.

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I'd like to see a new Springheeled Jack series that is heavely based off the original Penny Dreadfuls. Maybe a new Mortal Kombat comic series.

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Harry potter and Hunger Games crossover. Because that is the only way it would ever happen. Also the art for that would be tight.

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breaking bad.

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A Boondock Saints comic would be amazing.

Nevermind, they have already been made.

Maybe a comic to further the Inception movie's universe.

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@Mega_spidey01: I love breaking Bad

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a James Bond book could be pretty bad ass

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A slender man comic.

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LoTR, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and Mortal Kombat (not sure if there already is a MK comic)

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Soul Calibur.

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@Joygirl said:

Soul Calibur.
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I want a fantasy series that I can become addicted to. And at this moment the only ones I can think I would love would either be a Witcher comic series or the series im making up in my head.

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An ongoing series for the Rogues. I'd buy the sh*t out of that series.

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Maybe just trying to recapture my youth but I'd like to see someone take a stab at a Power Rangers comic. With IDW, Dark Horse, and Dynamite doing well with licensed materials I think that it would be worth it. Remove the campiness and make it a little gritty and serious.

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