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In Big Hero 6 #3 (2008), Go-Go Tomago becomes the quarterback of a high school football team. At NFL Superpro #9 , Phil Grayfield (aka NFL Superpro) has a niece that joins the football team at the end of the issue. And in The Spirit Archives #3, Ellen Dolan, daughter of Commissioner Dolan, becomes a fullback to an all-girl football team. What other comics shows girl superheros play football?

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Avengers Academy #38 they play flag football.

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@adder999: I am not sure, it doesn't happen that often, girls are more often typecast into cheerleader roles.  There are lots like that.  (by the way don't bump your own threads)
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Not a clue.

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Alright, well, let anyone know what information they have about it okay? And im sorry I was really pushy.

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@adder999: You realize 250 of those views are probably you at this rate. It's not like this is a normal question and if there were a lot of examples everyone knew, you'd probably have named more yourself.

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In general not that many females play highschool football in America so I'm pretty sure the number of times a female has been written in a comic playing highschool football is far fewer...... Apparently you are real pumped up for this topic.... I can only think of Avengers Academy but I see you want more than that and I'm not sure there really is much more beyond that.....hope you find what you are looking for (you might want to also try and not Troll your own thread) :)

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Seriously who cares?
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when I read the thread title I instantly thought of Gothic Sports.. but it's a manga not a comic, stars normal girls in high school as opposed to superheroes in high school, and involves soccer not football. (soccer is a kind of football! at least european people seem to think so, dunno why *trollface*)

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Eyesheild 21

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Sounds like a fetish.

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Actually, to tell u the truth, it is.

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So, did anyone find out what comics that show many female play American football? If not then take your time.