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What comics did you pick up this week and would you recommend them to other readers.

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All-New X-Men, among others. ANXM is always a good read. Though poor planning. One of the members of the original team joined Uncanny X-Men and it would be such a surprise but if you read Uncanny X-Men from last week you found out already.

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Thanos Rising #2(Mcguinness' variant) and Age of Ultron #7(Kim's variant). $17.98 was enough for the week.

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This week's pull-list was:

  • Action Comics #20
  • All-New X-Men #11
  • Aquaman #19
  • Detective Comics #20
  • Earth 2 #12
  • Green Arrow #20
  • the Movement #1
  • Superior Spider-Man #9
  • Swamp Thing #20
  • Worlds' Finest #12
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Bulk of marvels stuff.

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  • Hawkeye #10- the only thing on my pull list this week, but so good its enough of a reason to make the trip
  • Detective Comics #20- started this book with the DotF tie ins. Love the mystery books
  • Aquaman #19- This was my first issue of Aquaman. I had no idea what was going on, but really liked it none the less. Can't wait for the TPB's to come out
  • Daredevil #22, 23, 25- Picked up these back issues because I've heard so many good things about Waid's Daredevil that I figured I might as well jump on. Really enjoyed it, Stilt Man is pretty weak though.
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@kilomac29: Aquaman is one of the stand-out books from the New 52, you should definitely catch up on it.

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Stormwatch #20. Loved it.

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@mpierce2690: Oh definitely will, but i felt pretty lost on what was going on. Can you tell me how far back (in terms of issues) I should go back to at least catch up on this current story arc?

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@kilomac29: I would say covering the Throne for Atlantis crossover with Justice League should get you up to date for the most part. As always, there are always bits that go back further, but I'd say going back to the beginning of that arc should get you more or less in the know.

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Shadowman #0

Harbinger Wars #2

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  • Thanos Rising #2
  • Age Of Ultron #7