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What level of speed, strength, durability..etc. does it take to become a street level character,

and what are the upper limits of that class?

If someone could tell me, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for your time.

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Think Batman, Daredevil, heroes unlike Thor , Superman, Spidey , although Spidey deals with both threats, like Batman. you have to look at their power levels/ skills set. Although Batman is highly intelligent ,he's no Superman nor Thor by a long shot.Street levelers excluding Batman normally deal with regular everyday crime like bank robberies and muggings, while other heroes normally deal with global or universal threats which is beyond the majority of street levelers abilities. There are some high powered heroes that prefer to deal with street level crimes.

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The definiion of street level is based on what is credible threat to them, nothing else. If a hero cannot be realistically be threatened by street criminals and real world weaponry they are not street level