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With the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out next year I figured now would be as good a time as any to read the cosmic Marvel books from Annihilation to Thanos Imperative but as it turns out they're all out of print now?

Is this marvel trying to forget about what happened over the last few years to set up something for the movie because thats just stupid, the books haven't even been out for 10 years..

I've been looking for Annihilation everywhere and book 2 is the only 1 ive managed to find..any one else in my position here?

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I followed them when they came out, so no. But if your really interested they might / should have it on their marvel.com digital comics section.

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I think they do want us to forget for the new movie (not like any readers are the ones they are targeting anyway), but I think the trades being out of print is a coincidence. My shop has all of them and you can still buy copies online (although they are pricey). Probably cheaper to pick up the single issues or as stated above, read them online if you are just trying to catch up. Marvel has them all digital. Buy a one month subscription (last I checked it's $5) and read them all.