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Who are the are artists like so much you would buy a comic just because they are involved. There are many artists but few stick in our minds for one reason or another. Of the artists who are special to you who do you love to see them illustrate? I personally love the art styles of Ed McGuinness, Jim Lee, Leinil Francis Yu, Mark Brooks, Stefano Caselli, Pat Lee and Joe Madureira to name a few. Sometimes I buy comics I know noting about just because they are the featured artist. If you like something add images and maybe we can help you identify the artist.

Tell us who you can't get enough of and post a pic or 3 so maybe can start following their work.

Leinil Francis Yu
Ed McGuinness

Joe Mad

Jim Lee

Pat Lee

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I always get excited about Jim Lee, Sean Gordon Murphy, Goran Parlov, and Darwyn Cooke.

Jim Lee
Sean Gordon Murphy
Goran Parlov
Darwyn Cooke

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Oliver Coipel

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Adi Granov is another favorite artist of mine.

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Ed Benes could draw a chair and it would sexually arouse me.

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Oliver Coipel

Coipel's art is incredible, I love his clean style.

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Oh man! My favorite subject!

Gabriel Rodriguez

J.H. Williams

Steve McNiven
Juan Jose Ryp
James Stokoe
Joe Mad
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Jim Lee


Luke Ross


Ivan Reis

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To be honest theres some great artists out there & probably the comic Book world has never been so fortunate to have such a pool to pick from.

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Too many but two that comes to mind is Marco Checchetto and Marko Djurdjevic

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Alex Ross

the guy is a genius.

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Hiroya Oku


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Jim Lee, Jae Lee, Greg Capullo, Jock.

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Jason Fabok, Jim Lee, Kenneth Rocafort, Leinil Yu, Doug Mahnke, Ivan Reis,Tony Daniel, Tyler Kirkham,Paul Pelletier, Will Conrad, Brett Booth, Mike Deodato, Nicola Scott, Brad Walker, Amanda Conner, Scott Clark (R.I.P), Ed Benes, Steve McNiven,David Marquez, Dale Eaglesham

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Just to name some of my favourites in no particular order except for the first 3.

Ivan Reis, Jim Lee, Bryan Hitch, Mark Bagley, Esad Ribic, Ed McGuinness, Olivier Coipel, Mike Deodato, Frank Cho, Michael Turner(R.I.P), Joe Madureira, Marko Djurdjevic, Mike McKone, Kenneth Rocafort, Doug Mahnke, Paul Pelletier, Steve McNiven, Nicloa Scott, Brett Booth, Carlos Pacheco, Leinel Yu, David Finch, Jason Fabok, Tony Daniel, Adi Granov, Andrea DiVitto, Ed Benes, Stuart Immonnen, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver, Shane Davis, Gary Frank, Dale Keown, Alex Ross, Paco Medina, Andy Kubert and Adam Kubert.

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This might just be my childhood talking, but I have and will probably always will love the Timm style.

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Jim Lee.... Definitely Jim Lee.

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Jim Lee is good but overrated.

Kenneth Rocafort, Ivan Reis,Tony Daniel, Brett Booth, Nicola Scott, John Romita JR, Eddy Barrows.

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To me this question means that if I could pick one artist to draw every comic I read from here on out. And if that washers case I'd pick Jim Lee, Michael Turner or Frank Quitely. Any one of them is great for me

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Francis Manapul. I LOVE his artwork.

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Joe Mad, Ed McGuiness, Doug Mahnke

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I can't get enough of Agnes Garbowska's stuff that always shows up in the Awesome Art Picks.

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@joygirl Any member of the Benes family really. Did you see those chairs he drew in Birds of Prey!? I don't think I left the house for a week!


Cho (finish that $h!t already man!)

No one draws a woman quite like Budd Root.

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Reis and Manapul

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Andrea sorrentino

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Jae Lee

Kenneth Rockafort

Stjepan Sejic

Brian Bolland

Sam Keith

Ash Wood

Frank Quitely

David Aja

Sean Cassaday

Francesco Caston has only done the current Bloodstrike series, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for his next project

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Riley Rossmo

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George Perez and Alan Davis

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I also love Boichi's art

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Fiona Staples...... That woman can draw emotion......

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I meant Marcos Martin. When he gets cool stuff to draw.

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The Legendary Alex Ross

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Bryan Hitch:

Frank Quitely:

Steve Epting: