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Out of the many superhuman abilities in the comic book universe, which five would you choose?

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Mind Control

Superhuman Strength


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already done

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Healing Factor


Blood manipulation

Kinetic Absorption


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Healing Factor

Hyper Intelligence

Superhuman Agility


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Healing Factor, Teleportation, Invisible, Shapeshifter, flight

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Ultimate Telekinesis

Super intelligence.

Would be unbeatable.

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Healing Factor

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Shapeshifting on the molecular/genetic scale. Includes intangibility and invisibility. Requiring conscious effort to shift forms, so I won't slip out when I'm asleep.

Reality manipulation, which includes telekinesis down to the molecular level, or up to planet moving size, teleportation, etc. With mental blocks in place to keep me from doing it subconsciously.

Immortality, of the eternal youth, unable to be harmed physically in any way variety.

Limited omniscience, only usable during focused periods to keep from overwhelming me. Otherwise manifests as senses I can increase and filter at will, along with control over my perception of time.

Superspeed. Includes inertia and friction protection field, along with time perception alteration.

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Reactive Evolution

Control of the Space time Continuum



Energy Manipulation

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Invincibility, including no damage internally



Super-Speed, including perceptions good enough for me to be able to run at speeds without hitting stuff

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Super Strength nothing to strong just about 5 tons.

Super Speed nothing to fancy like the Flash, Mach 5 should be good enough.

Matter Manipulation/ telekinesis not on Jean Grey's level that would be a bit much, but on Hellion's level of power.

Energy Manipulation/ telekinesis not as strong as Vulcan's powers, more closer to what someone like Havok or Cyclops can put out.

Invulnerably on the level of Superman without the weaknesses he has to kryptonite or red sunlight.

I want to be strong, but not so OP that I can't lose, I think this is a good mix of balance and power. Also the powers work well off of each other I can use my speed to enhance my fighting capabilities and with my strength I could be a really good hand-to-hand combatant. Or I can use my speed and matter and energy manipulation powers and keep my distance from my opponent and snipe from a far throwing energy balls or object that are around, or just get in close and personal and surround myself with a high intensity energy aura and start pounding away and they can't really hurt me without hurting themselves. So that just a little of what I could do with my powers. Not to crazy god moder status or Omega level mutant just powerful.