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Hey all,

I’m new around these parts (well, new to the forums anyway) and am in need of your suggestions for a plan of mine.

I am getting married in May and am sneaking in little bits of comic book-ery where I can, like t-shirts worn under the groomsmen’s shirts and matching cufflinks.

But after reading G-Man’s Off My Mind: Marriage in Comic Books I had another idea; getting some wedding issues to use as decoration for the candy table we’re planning. And this is where I need the suggestions from some of you more experienced readers out there (having only really got into comics with the New 52 launch last year).

I’ve found a few issues on eBay but am hoping you can give me a few ideas. So far I’ve picked up the following:

• Superman: The Wedding Album
• Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 (which was published the month that my fiancée was born)
• Giant Size Avengers #4
• Fantastic Four Annual #3
• Astonishing X-Men #51 (the variant cover where you can add your own picture)
• X-Men #30
• Flash #142
• JLA: Wedding Special

My other half has actually suggested using a stack of these comics instead of a ring cushion for the ceremony, then using them as decoration later. Most of the older issues will be framed and kept out of the sticky paws of any kids at the wedding, but the more recent issues will be available for people to flick through if they want.

Any other suggestions for wedding-related books would be greatly appreciated!

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Nice! I love these ideas! I'm a big fan of people making their weddings as personal as possible.

The cuff links are a superb touch! They're subtle, and I like the idea of each groomsman having a different one.

But one word of caution on the super-hero shirts underneath the groomsmen's dress shirts. If the dress shirts are white, the superhero logos and colors of the undershirts will probably show through. It looks good with shirts open in the pic above, but I think you'll need some very high thread count dress shirts to prevent a bleed-through from underneath when the shirts are closed.

Fantastic Four Annual #3, Giant Size Avengers #4 and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 would all make for very cool groomsman gifts in addition to being used as decorations.

At my own wedding this year, we incorporated a few different comic book and movie related things:

  • For one of our readings, we used a section from Neil Gaiman's Sandman Vol. 9, The Kindly Ones.
  • We worked the phrase "With great power comes great responsibility" into our ceremony.
  • We used Han Solo and Princess Leia Lego mini-figs as our cake topper.

One of my friends is a huge Batman fan and had the bat symbol engraved on the inside of his wedding band for his wedding.

Another of my friends is a big Doctor Who fan and is planning on having a 10th Doctor life-sized cardboard cut-out guard the gift table at her wedding next year.

I'd recommend checking out Off Beat Bride. They have a lot of good tips and inspiration ideas.

Good luck with your planning!!!

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Thanks for the tips!

I've actually seen a few cool things on Offbeat Bride already. And am planning on getting fairly thick shirts, so hopefully there won't be bleed.

We're thinking of using a Neil Gaiman quote for a reading too, the other half has her heart set on something from Stardust. Plus our table names are all quotes from Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, Up, Ghostbusters, I Love you Man, Aladdin and Anchorman.

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Well it's less than two weeks til the big day now and all our wedding comics are bought, with some framed and ready to decorate our venue.

Plus I also had a pic of me and my wife-to-be, Kitty, drawn as Spider-Man and Kitty Pryde.... which I've then had printed on our own wedding comic book. The inside pages are blank, to be used as a guest book where people can write messages or draw anything they want.

And while I'm not giving my ushers the wedding comics as gifts I have got them a comic from the month of their birth which ties up with the character whose cufflinks/t-shirts they're wearing. Well, except my dad, because I can't afford to by Superman #14 for the old git! :P Plus I've had my best man painted as Batman for his gift.