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Welcome back to the Web Comic Spotlight where we take a look at a piece of the comic book world that keeps us entertained on a daily basis. Last week, we featured the awesomeness that is Gutters. This week we take a look at a brand new web comic called Excelsior.

This week is going to be a bit different because we're putting the spotlight on something completely new. How new? Well, this web comic debuted back in February of this year. While it's cool to put up a big time web comic that everyone knows and loves, sometimes we have to take a look at the little guy trying to get his feet in the internet door, especially if it's something that really catches your eye or a concept you find intriguing.

The Web Comic Spotlight focuses on Excelsior this week, created by Nathan Town and Tammy McKinnon. Excelsior is a really cool idea. This web comic turns the camera on the super-heroes and interviews them about the world they live in. It's like a documentary meets "breaking the 4th wall," as character discuss their lives and the way writers treat their characters.

It's still pretty new, and it's only five issues in, but what I've enjoyed so far is the sense of humor it has, especially in the first two strips. Exelsior only deals with characters from the Marvel universe, so even though it's limited, there's still tons of places this web comic could go.

If you're a lover of Marvel comics and keep up with their continuity and characters, you'll really enjoy what Excelsior has to offer. With over 70 years of continuity, there's bound to be some screw ups here and there, and Excelsior will find those mistakes and flaunt them to their fans.

This web comic has a lot of promise, so check out Excelsior. It seems to be updating about once a week right now or every five days, so I'm hoping this will remain consistent as the web comic progresses. What do you guys think of this web comic?

Thanks to Nathan Town, that's right the creator of Excelsior, for sending this our way! If you think there's a web comic that needs a spotlight, please e-mail us at I spend sleepless nights going over everything you guys read, so send us some e-mails!

I'll see you guys next Wednesday where we look at another awesome web comic that I think you guys will really like!

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a comedian, writer, and host of the internet show no one watches, Barely Watchable. Follow him on Twitter: @inferiorego

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lmao that Uatu part is hilarious

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uh....what? o_O

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LOL - Thats terrible ( hilarious)

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Poor Uatu.

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Poor Uatu???? Poor BEN GRIMM!!! Geez...what a way your rocks off???

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'i have....... *tear* ........... gravel everywhere'

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oh come on that Uatu strip is just as bad as anything in LICD :P

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On wards to looking for group or 8-bit theatre, great review

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Poor Uatu, lol what is seen cannot be unseen...

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LoL .. odd..