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Welcome back to the Web Comic Spotlight where we take a look at a piece of the comic book world that keeps us entertained on a daily basis. Last week, we featured the controversial web comic Ctrl + Alt + Del. This week, we take a look at Next Town Over, so put on your cowboy hats and get your six shooters out!

Next Town Over takes place in the wild west, but it's a bit more than your typical western web comic. It mixes in a bit of fantasy and a little bit of steampunk elements in the book, and it's awesome. So far, there are three completed stories (a bit shorter than the length of one traditional comic book) which are about the bounty hunter Vane Black and the dastardly John Henry Hunter.

The first story is about Vane Black finding John Hunter and she tries to bring him in for the $10,000 reward. Things get blown up and things are not was they seem. In the first story, entitled "Lookback" there's a bit of set-up, but a lot of great action.

You can tell the guy in the white is the bad guy because his horse looks like a jerk.

What I really enjoyed, first and foremost, about this web comic was that it is incredibly professional. In fact, you can actually buy all these books in regular comic book format if you'd like. It's set up like a traditional comic book, and not so much like many web comics which are more strips than anything else.

Horses take a beating... and shooting in this book.

While I thought the art in "Lookback" was great, by the time you get to the third story, the art gets even better. It's really cool to watch an artist's craft evolve over the course of their work.

One of the coolest things about this web comic is the panels. There's a lot of stylization to the frames, and the actual frame itself will leak into the panel. It's something you rarely see in comics, and not only is it cool, but it fits the wild west style and adds something to the story.

The same goes for the word bubbles as well. Next Town Over takes a small step away from the traditional and adds a bit of flair. Instead of the normal white bubbles, Next Town Over gives the same gold outline to them as we see in the panels, and changes the white bubble background to more of a beige to fit in with the western theme. It's little things like that which make this comic even more awesome.

The art has an animated style to it, but the background are painted, much like you'd see in older (well, actually most) cartoons. It's a style mash we're all accustomed to, and it gives the book a very familiar feel to the reader.

The series is all created by Erin Mehlos from Wisconsin. Aside from Next Town Over, she has a great Deviant Art page to check out. Although the site has been around for two years now, there's three great stories to check out, and one cool short story that came from an anthology. Next Town Over is a fantastic web comic for fans of western and great art.

Holy ouch!

All the pictures here were taken from the Next Town Over website and were drawn by Erin Mehlos.

Huge thanks to Bruce Bateman for sending this to our e-mail! Do you have or know a webcomic you think should be featured? E-mail us at

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Cool! So, It's kind of like The Wild, Wild West and Briscoe County...

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that looks good THANK-YOU comic vine for bring this to my attention

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The art is phenomenal! I've just been through and read the first two chapters. It only gets better.

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Hee haw!! Partner!

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@haydenclaireheroes said:


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i think something by Ryan Sohmer should be highlighted soon. Not Least I Could Do, but maybe Looking For Group or The Gutters.

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wow thats amazing!!

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I absolutely LOVE Westerns so I know I will be checking this out for sure! Love the animated feel, and it seems to totally be the summation of all the great westerns and steampunk themed bits of media I enjoyed growing up. Awesomeness!

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@WolfMonkey said:

i think something by Ryan Sohmer should be highlighted soon. Not Least I Could Do, but maybe Looking For Group or The Gutters.

I tried reading Least I Could Do, and to be honest, I hated it. Maybe it's because I'm old and cranky, but I don't like comics that are constantly about sex. ... I'm cranky.

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Very cool --- will definitely check out.