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Which character would look the strangest brandishing a weapon?

A) Godzilla

B) King Kong

C) Stay-Puft

D) Alien

E) Odo

Which character would look the strangest carrying no weapon?

A) Predator

B) Hellboy

C) Master Chief

D) Judge Dredd

E) Jason

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Considering that pretty much all of Predator's armor is part weapon, or has a weapon attached, without said weaponry, he'd just be wearing fishnets and a loincloth.

Then again, Hellboy's right hand is pretty much a giant mace, in addition to a doomsday weapon, so he'd have no right hand. One of them.

I'm going to go with Stay-Puft for weirdest thing with a weapon. Godzilla's from Japan. I wouldn't be surprised if he picked up a stray giant mech laser sword that was just lying around from the last time a city got wrecked in an awesome fight.

King Kong's an ape, so he wouldn't look too weird using a tool.

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I guess I meant handheld weapons, so Hellboy's right hand doesn't count.

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  1. I'd say Alien, because they are more primal animals. It'd just be weird for them to carry guns of spears. Godzilla is a close second though.
  2. Master Chief is without a weapon a lot more often than you think, and he doesn't look that strange at all. I'd have to conclude with Jason. He'd just look naked without any weapons.