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One of the hardest things for those interested in art and animation is catching that lucky break. There is a scholarship available for any graduating high school senior enrolling in a college, university or trade school to study animation.

The Warner Bros. Reach program awards one outstanding student the Hanna-Barbera/Animation Honorship each year. It includes a scholarship and four full-time paid internships at the company for four consecutive summers while enrolled in college. Successful Reach program graduates will be eligible for full-time positions at Warner Bros.

Application deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 4, 2013. You can read and download the application by clicking HERE.

If you are interested and qualify, you have nothing to lose. Give it a shot and fill out the application before it's too late.

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How cool is this!

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Dang it, already graduated from college. 13 years too late. I know about how hard the industry can be to break into, from personal experience. Animation or comic art. Good luck to all who enter.

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I wish this had been around when I entered college. Now I'm looking for internships exactly like this as a junior.

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I am going to look into this ..sounds good but I am more incline to seek further details before .

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Looking into this

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THIS is interesting!

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Is this open only to citizens of the United States, or to citizens of other countries as well?

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That's really neat, good on WB!

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Good for them to do this!

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This is so cool!

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That is pretty cool, glad to see companies trying to promote artists. Every comic event I have been to, I see so many artists with such great potential. Had they had this kind of opportunity they would have most likely have been noticed already.

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Awesome!! Cheers Comic Vine!

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Enrolling, eh?

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@lykopis said:

Is this open only to citizens of the United States, or to citizens of other countries as well?