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Poll: War Machine or Iron Patriot? (16 votes)

War Machine 38%
Iron Patriot 31%
Iron Man 0%
Iron Man 2.0 13%
Doesn't Matter which suit James uses. 19%

James Rhodes is getting his own series next year as the Iron Patriot. When I heard the announcement, it got me interested to see where the book goes. I saw some people post that they prefer him to be War Machine then Iron Patriot. So it made me wonder, which suit do people like more?

So which suit do prefer James in?

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iron patriot.

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War Machine

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War Machine

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War Machine: This

Iron Patriot: Doesn't suit him and leave the flag waving to Captain America

Iron Man: No leave the Iron Maning to the real Iron Man

Iron Man 2.0: Same as above. Also why is he going to have a more advance armor than the real Iron Man? :/