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Hey guys, after about half a year of reading comics i'm kinda getting tired of the big 2. I know i've just been reading for half a year and should give them both a chance. i'm still going to read their comics but on a decreased number, mostly DC. So i want to get into indie comics, i've heard good stuff from image and valiant and i would like to read some Vertigo (i already read sandman).

So do you guys recommend? by the way, i just got saga and it is awesome. any image, valiant, and vertigo stuff out there that are worth reading?

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Vertigo - Fables and Hellblazer

Image - East of West

Valiant - Shadowman and Eternal Warrior (although I hear pretty much all of their titles have been good so far)

Check out Boom! and Fantagraphics to see if they have anything that catches your eye.

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Hi. Even though they are not indie, in the literal sense, yeah, those publishers are great.

It depends on what you like:

Bloodshot is very war/guns heavy, with one main super-badass protagonist in a lonely quest.
Harbinger is like X-men remade modern, a little less super in its superpowers, except for the protagonist. There's a lot of friendship and diveristy.

American Vampire. Intelligently written, the story encopasses almost a century of different characters, whose lives intertwine sometimes by accident, sometimes by necessicty. Also, the vampires have both a classic feel and some new takes.
If you've never read Preacher do it. Do it now. Disclaimer: it's very violent and kind of intentionally disturbing (but it is functional to the plot). So, you judge if it's your cup of tea.

Bedlam. If you want something really disturbing, from a completely weird point of view, with a story that starts slow but takes off like nobody's business.
Fatale. Very poised but intelligent writing, noir feel. Not exceptional in my opinion, but the plot is very intelligently woven.
Invincible. New take on a somehow mockery of the DC universe. You have higly comedic situations mixed with an interesting plot and fresh characters.
The strange talent of luther strode. This was tons of fun. It's a mix between a tipical american and manga-like plot, where the protagonist comes into possession of a weird power. Still, it's developed in a very new and atipical way.
Mind the gap. It's very weird but really amazing. Both the art and the writing are detail oriented. It's a crime mistery mixed with a very very thin supernatural element, which is not pervasive to the story world, though. At first it seems out of place, but then it fits all together...
Ten grand. Emotionally very intense, a supernatural detective series that focuses on the human suffering more than badassery.
Walking dead. If you want to know what would actually happen in a zombie apocalipse. It's so real. It's also obviously kind of violent, but that's to be expected. It talks a lot about human nature and relationships between people. I think it's one of the most interesting things out there right now.

Locke and Key. It's a series of miniseries. They mix a classical horror plot with some supernatural adventure/mistery. The three protagonists are very life-like and the antagonists are interesting. Also, the key system is very fun.

Honorable mentions: I love Witchblade and Darkness, but only since Ron Marz joined Top Cow.

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Get TMNT from IDW.

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X-O Manowar from Valiant and TMNT from IDW.

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From Dynamite you should read Black Bat, and from Dark Horse read Captain Midnight.

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Buy everything from Valiant!

  • X-O Manowar
  • Bloodshot
  • Harbinger
  • Archer & Armstrong
  • Shadowman
  • Quantum & Woody
  • Eternal Warrior
  • Unity (Starts in November)
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Saga, just go read Saga........

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Chew, East of West, The Goon, Invincible, Luther Strode, Mind MGMT, The Walking Dead.

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I'll jump in to chant Valiant with the others. Harbinger is great, X-O Manowar is as well. And I shall read the rest sometime and get back to you on that.

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Can someone be so kind as to tell me what "Chew" and "East of West" are about? Just like the original poster I have kicked DC and Marvel titles to the side for the time being as they have become ridiculous and very inconsistent. Also to the original poster I have been reading Shadowman which is pretty good and just picked up X-O Manowar today and I liked it. I also would highly recommend any Hellboy or BPRD title they are really weird, but the lore is so well fleshed out it is very authentic.

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Conan from Dark Horse

Witchblade form Top Cow

Hellboy from Top Cow



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Conan from Dark Horse

Witchblade form Top Cow

Hellboy from Top Cow



Hellboy's from Dark Horse. Oh, and co-signed.

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