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I know that DC Comics are doing good in the new 52 series and sadly to see some of the good series end due to poor reades and sales. Now there on there fifth wave of the series. I would like to see some diffrents in the new DC like bring back some of the old stuff and make it new for readers to read if it works out or not.

Here are some of the comics that I want to see in the DC 52 fifth wave.

1 House Of Mystery.

2 House of Secrets.

3 Booster Gold Series-What happened to him after JLI annual? Where is he now?

4 Adam Strange Series.

5 Congo Bill.

6 The Metal Men.

7 The Atom.

8 Anthro First Boy on Earth.

9 Kamandi Last Boy on Earth.

10 The Question.

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  • Batman Beyond (this is my pic if I could only choose 1)
  • The Question
  • Power Girl (retcon World's Finest out of the continuity)

That's all I want.

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Another Aquaman book.

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A team lead by Dick Grayson that has Donna Troy and Wally West on it... Am I asking for too much? Fine another Wonder Woman book or a better characterized Justice League, it makes no sense that I can only read about a member of DC's holy Trinity in one book (jury's still out on her Batwoman interpretation).

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Doom Patrol.


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-League of Assassins Rogue Hit Team Book... along the lines of Talon