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Not sure how I missed this growing up, but I never knew that Marvel had a partnership with TSR to develop Marvel RPGs back in the 80s-90s. I came across this website that has the RPGs available for download for free in case anyone is interested. Seems interesting. Has anyone of the forum ever played these?

Website is: http://www.classicmarvelforever.com/cms/

Here are some examples of modules

Playing through some classic story arcs sound fun....

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Yeah I have a ton of the source books still.

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@gravitypress: How was it? Is it like Dungeons and Dragons with set dice and everything? Do you have preselected heroes with set STATS that you choose and could heroes level up? Still looking up the pdfs I downloaded now.

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I am a 17th level barbarian!!!! I love dnd, though I play once a week I am the DM so I don't run characters much anymore besides NPC's...but my Half Orc is a force to be reckoned with!!

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@gravitypress: seems interesting, yeah I stumbled across that website you recommended. It has like all the source books and campaign available for free pdf download

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@blazinasian112: I recommend reading the 3 source books Cosmos Cubed, Ragnarok and Roll, and The left Hand of Eternity. They tell an interesting story. The game mechanics were very limited but that never stopped us from enjoying the game back in the day.

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@gravitypress: Thanks for the recommendations. Downloading the pdfs now....will check them out

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Mutants and Masterminds is a great superhero RPG. I use to play Dungeons and Dragons, loved 3.5 edition but hated 4th. I switched over to Pathfinder and enjoy it a lot more. Piozo is way more customer friendly than Wizards of the Coast.

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I played the original Marvel RPG. the one that came in the yellow box. It was very simple but fun. Lots of good memories :)

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I also never knew about a Marvel RPG til much later, but I jerry-rigged one of my own, so I can't say I missed much.

I don't know if they've done up any recent Marvel RPGs. There are several systems out there practically built for superheroes, there's no real need for brand loyalty; unless you want it in the Marvel Universe.

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@Katie24: Thanks...I may have to check it out

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I enjoyed Forgotten Realms, Dragon Lance, and Battletech.

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Looks like an interesting game... Most games like that fail though because they're campy, not overly fun (you either don't play with your favorite heroes or you play them as the game dictates, not as you dictate), and only sell to a small niche of the populace. Still looks kind of fun though.

I used to play pen and paper D&D 3.5, but I never really had a group that I could go to and play with regularly, besides family, and family... Well, that was hardly fun >_> arguments all over the place, and eventually people get tired every time we try it again and we quit at level 4-6.

I play DDO and NwN still though, albeit sparingly; they're pretty good, and NwN's hardcore roleplaying server Arelith is a gem amongst gems. Never find another place like it, I assure you.

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WOW!! This brings back memories... :)

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Wow! That's cool!