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I was sorting through some old junk today, and I came across a VS. System deck that I bought a long time ago. It was a 2-Player starter set with a Batman Family and Batman Villains deck. I remember buying it like...when I was 11 or 12, because I was big into TCGs as a kid. But I never did get the chance to play with anyone, as most of my peers then were into Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon haha.

I was just curious: has anyone ever heard of this game or played it before? I reckon it was quite popular for a time, at least until its cancellation. It's a pretty fun game to play, as I recall. They made decks for DC, Marvel, even Hellboy in Dark Horse.

This is the same set I bought - but the picture isn't mine, got it off Google

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I was in the same boat as you were. I bought the Spider-Man Friends vs Sinister Syndicate starter deck but never had anyone really to play with. I remember I played my Dad a couple of times and from what I remember it was pretty fun.

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Those are so cool dude, its a shame you no one to play with. I had a Pokemon and WWE set, only played a couple of time with my sis.

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The next Yugioh Series the Main Character should Use Comicbook Heroes lol. His Main Card being Batman: The God Damn Batman

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@mchotcakes Oh yeah, I've seen that set before. Haha, I tried to convince my sister and another friend, but neither were interested. I actually tried to play both decks simultaneously the other day...it was pretty fun (in a sad kinda way).

@rustyroy Yeah, I think its the closest you can get to a quality superhero CCG. Seriously, just looking at the game rules and the huge number of Marvel/DC cards that they made, I would love to play this.

@stormshadow_x They should make another superhero CCG someday....

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I had most of the Marvel & DC Overpowers.

I had a complete set (almost 2) of Illuminati: the New World Order.

I also had a handful of others, Highlander being the main one I can think of ATM.

Used to be you couldn't sneeze without the spit landing on a new CCG.