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If you've been watching The Venture Bros. then you're aware that the last episode of last season ending on a bit of a cliffhanger. A lot has happened over the first four seasons and it's all been leading up to this. After waiting a few years for the new season to begin, the wait is finally over. In case you were unaware that the day has finally arrived, be sure to watch or set your DVRs because Season 5 begins tonight, Sunday, June 2 at midnight ET/PT!

What the heck happened in the first four seasons? It's been a while and maybe you don't quite remember how Season 4 ended. Thankfully, you can check out this handy dandy recap 8-minute video.

What can be said about the premiere of Season 5 - "What Color is Your Cleansuit?" The hour-long episode is exactly what you'd want. You'll be surprised how easily it is to just jump back in and watched the episode.

So much is going on with Dr. Venture trying to complete a new project (he actually hires a bunch of interns), Dean has undergone some changes since the last episode and finds a new love (sort of) and there's just so much chaos going on at the compound.

Of course we can't forget about the Monarch. He's still trying to deal with Henchman #21 leaving and trying to make a way in the secret S.P.H.I.N.X. organization.

It's hard to discuss the episode without giving too much away. Let's just say, you're going to enjoy it - assuming you've enjoyed the first four seasons. It's hard to get over the fact it's been so long. But the new season begins now. As I mentioned, there's so much going on. With all the different plot lines, the humor and great quality animation and voicing, Season 5 is a reminder why we love this show.

You really don't need to know more about what happens. It's better if you don't. Just watch the show and prepare to be entertained.

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They are back dude!!!!

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Greatest animated show to ever exist..

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ABOUT TIME AND FINALLY! Best show on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. Period!

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Love this show

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Yeah, the Venture Bros are back!

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So excited...

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My DVR is already set

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my reaction to this news

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Go Team Venture!!!

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Can't wait! :D

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One of my most favorite shows.

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Wait...please tell me Dean is trying to jock Raven's style.

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I'm SO EXCITED! Although, I did think last season was probably one of the worst seasons. It's because of Sphinx.

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@g_man O...M...G. I thought this was canceled, and now I am super stoked. So glad to find out about it on my daily visit to the vine.

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The long waits are absolutely worth it for this show.

I'm SO EXCITED! Although, I did think last season was probably one of the worst seasons. It's because of Sphinx.

Never. More Hunter Gathers is always a good thing.

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Love this show. Lots of great action and humor. Just great writing overall.

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Long time coming! About time I say!

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Wow...... The Venture Bros. did a Roots Joke....

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The long waits are absolutely worth it for this show.

@doordoor123 said:

I'm SO EXCITED! Although, I did think last season was probably one of the worst seasons. It's because of Sphinx.

Never. More Hunter Gathers is always a good thing.

Well I got my way :)

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just watched. I had a blast but i wish it didnt end so fast. one hour was not enough. :*(

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I haven't watched VENTURE BROS. in a while. That opening doesn't help one catch up. That episode went a loooong way for a soylent green joke, and I applaud them on the OREGON TRAIL gag. Still had a lot of fun.

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is sergeant hatred still in it? I hope not, because he was never funny.

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Awesome recap! Think I've missed out on some of them episodes. ): Need to re-watch.

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OMG this episode was great.

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episode was cool, but don't care for Dean's new look and those poor baby gorillas

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i fell asleep during the episode, not because it was bad because i was tired, way too late imo

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Never heard of it...

I'm guessing i could jump right in with this new season, right?

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I liked the bumper about how the Halloween special took place during that commercial break

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I love this show, and I was so excited that it's coming back after a 2 something year break. I even marathoned all the past seasons before the premiere, like a proper fan. However, I was pretty disappointed with "What Color is Your Clean Suit?". I was trying to figure out what it was that bothered me so much about it...and I'm still not sure, it just didn't seem to have as many good lines as previous season premieres. Also, very little Brock, and, worst of all, Aziz Ansari was one of the voices! I hate that douche! He talks like he just stepped out of the early 90's and his stand up routine is essentially him just bragging about how he's friends with Kanye West, like that's suppose to be impressive. Well, here's hoping it'll pick up, and that Ansari was just a one time thing.