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Are there any vampire books/TV shows that are for men?

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@fojtikbt: There is a Brazilian book series called "The Seven" written by André Vianco. Its about seven Portuguese super powered vampires that awaken from their slumber and start to wreck the entire world, and they must be stopped by the archaeologist who released them. Its really cool, the fight scenes are crazy but it delves into purple prose a lot more than it should. There is no romance like Twilight, but there is a very strong sexual tension between a Army General and a female vampire he imprisoned, its not handled exactly like Twilight. The bad guys are really cool; the vampire leader Inverno is able to control ice and cold and there is a vampire that turns into werewolf called Lobo. There is even a total war climax at the end when the Brazilian army charges against a vampire army.

Totally recommend it =D

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@CaioTrubat: wait the book is Brazilian but the vampires are Portuguese? they got there during the Discoveries or.....?

@fojtikbt: I really liked this vampire show called Moonlight. It was canceled though

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@Jorgevy: Yes they traveled in a expedition to America during the Age of Discoveries. They were escaping from vampire hunters on their trail in Portugal.

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The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series is great for guys.

In the realm of comic books, American Vampire and I, Vampire both widely appeal to males (especially American Vampire)

I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them at the moment

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@CaioTrubat: oh, that sounds cool xD

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I always felt that both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were just as accessible to men as they were women. Especially from Mid-Season 2 till the end of Buffy. If you can put up with some bad special effects and cheese during the first two seasons, you'll love it. Personally, they're my favorite shows (and even as a girl I was kinda hesitant about it because of the namesake alone, but was truly blown away by the writing and acting.)

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@fojtikbt: Have you read American Vampire?

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And Being Human, both versions, are awesome shows.

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Preacher has a vampire in it.
That'll do.

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@god_spawn said:

And Being Human, both versions, are awesome shows.

UK version is awesome. I can't vouch for the american one because I haven't seen it but Being Human and Moonlight are my favorite vampire related shows @fojtikbt: you should definetelly check them out

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@Jorgevy: The American one is probably my favorite show when it airs. You have to sit through the first few episodes but it gets really good by the end of season 1 and season 2 was kickass. And you have to expect something different from the UK, it isn't a remake, it's its own version.

And I forgot about Moonlight, that show was awesome.

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@god_spawn: yeah it was, too bad it was canned, but atleast the main actor got famous and is now on H5-0. I don't usually hear good things about US adaptations of UK shows but I just might check out Being Human US. I tried Inbetweener US after watching the UK version and it wasn't bad at all so maybe I'll be surprised again

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@Jorgevy: The U.S. adaption has made it to its 3rd season in January. It must be doing something right lol.

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@god_spawn: well it probably is then, I'll check out and form my own opinion X)

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I'm planning on looking for back issues of American Vampire the next time I make it to the comic book store. I'm also thinking about checking out I, Vampire. Buffy looks like it could be good, so I'll start watching that. I'm also excited to start watching the U.S. version of Being Human because I'm a big fan of Sam Witwer.