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I haven't picked up a comic book for approximately 5-6 months now and was wondering whether or not some of you well informed readers could give me a rundown of the major changes that have occurred (as opposed to browsing through the various wikis, or purchasing back issues) in the Marvel universe. The last major arc that I read was, and regrettably so, AvX, which (not to sound like a conformist) served no purpose in establishing any relevance to the history of both teams. Having recently purchased the Dark Knight Rises on blu-ray, I felt the urge to revisit my comic book roots, but my enthusiasm was curbed, when, on every single recent comic book published by Marvel, there stood the MARVEL NOW! logo....With that said, here are a few questions that I would like answered:

  1. What exactly is "MARVEL NOW!"?
  2. Why has Thor's costume been reverted to make him look like a Scandinavian construction worker? And by that I mean, why was it necessary for them to change Olivier Coipel's masterpiece design? Thor's forearms being covered in chain mail doesn't detract his masculinity.
  3. What happened to the previous incarnation of the Thunderbolts? Last I read, Moonstone and co were stuck in a time warp, while Songbird and Luke Cage (with the help of Troll's axe) were tracking them, and Cain Marko somehow got his powers back (this I'd like to know in detail). Now I see Rulk, Punisher, Deadpool, Elektra and Venom on the cover of an all new lineup of Thunderbolts? What gives? The last time I remember all these characters teaming up (minus Venom), was for Rulk/X-Force's mini-arc Code Red; not a great comic and not particularly well drawn (that's putting it nicely). The fact that they have somehow managed to force (no pun intended) Frank Castle into an already dysfunctional team, as part of an ongoing ensemble cast mind you, I call bullsh*t.
  4. Is Tony Stark still Iron Man? If not, then who is? Is the latest Iron Man armor still bleeding edge?
  5. Besides the fact that Marvel is trying to cater for their potential new fans (having jumped on board the Avengers movie hype train), were there any other reasons why changes were made to Captain America's costume? In-comic explanations maybe?
  6. Is Colossus still the Juggernaut?
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How about some answers here?

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