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Underrated TV shows or movies that were not recognized for its potential. I have a few...

- Falling Skies (Current TV)

- Revenge (Current TV)

- Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Movie)

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I totally agree with Mission Impossible and I think Megamind is super underrated as well

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@daredevilnut: Yeah Megamind was great! I loved Men in Black 3 also.

I should've probably put this in Off Topic but oh well

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@novarichrider: I don't know Despicable Me was pretty good. I'll just say they are even.

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Tv show, probably Supernatural, Underrated as in more people should view it though.

Movie, Hellboy 2.

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Orphan Black

Ripper Street

Gravity Falls

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The Faculty is an underrated movie. Also "Super"

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Party Down.

Young Ones

Histories Mysteries


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@jonny_anonymous: You talking about the one with Karl Urban, not the Sylvester Stallone one, right?

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Millenium is terribly underrated. I have enjoyed it more than I did the X-Files.

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Eureka (Syfy TV show)

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TMNT 1990 is grotesquely underrated. I honestly think it is one of the top ten best CBMs.

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Underrated tv show: The Killing

Underrated movie: The Jacket

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@jonny_anonymous: You talking about the one with Karl Urban, not the Sylvester Stallone one, right?

Yea, Dredd not Judge Dredd

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Underrated movie: Labyrinth staring David Bowie

Underrated TV Series:Pirates of Dark Water (premiered way back in the 1990s)

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Tom Jane's Punisher was very underrated.

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TV shows? I'd say Burn Notice is pretty underrated. At least among people I know.

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TV Show-Psyche

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movie: Dredd, looper, smokin aces, hot rod, MOON (one of best movies EVER!), observe & report,

tv shows: supernatural, batman beyond, nip/tuck, pinky and the brain, archer, spawn, american dad, harvey birdman attorney at law, rockos modern life

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Vice on HBO...... That show is sooooooo good!

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Generation Kill - fantastic HBO miniseries about First Recon in OIF, made by the guys who did The Wire. It's seriously underrated, I actually enjoyed it more than Band of Brothers.

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TV: Space: Above and Beyond - It was basically a prototype of Battlestar Galactica remake with mature themes, political intrigue in the midst of a terrible surprise war and flawed messed up characters all in a sci-fi backdrop.

Movie: Streets of Fire - A rock and roll fable. Motocyles, gunfights and Willem Dafoe all set to a rockin soundtrack. If that didn't convice you I have two words for you...SLEDGE-HAMMER DUEL.

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Orphan Black

Ripper Street

Gravity Falls

Yes. I love that show. I also believe Falling Skies, and the film We own the Night.

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Arrested Development is VERY underrated, it should easily be as popular as The Office or Big Bang Theory.

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I've been watching season 3 of Luther and it's just so dark and chilling and great....... Here's the first episode of season 1 if anyone wants to check it out. If you like BBC's Sherlock you should give this series a try.

Loading Video...

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TV Show - Jericho. Has such a dedicated fanbase that it got brought back twice and made into a comic series, and still it seems nobody's heard of it.

Move - Not sure. One I think should definitely be more popular (in the U.S.) is The Wind that Shakes the Barley, but I don't think it's really underrated - just underexposed due to being a foreign film.

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Dredd, Labyrinth, Gattaca, Darkman, Event Horizion, Hellboy

Jericho, the 100, Babylon-5, 4400, Defiance, Continuum, Almost Human, SAAB, Rick & Morty, Falling Skies

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  • The Cable Guy
  • Grave Encounters
  • Wyrmwood
  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
  • Dark City
  • The Strangers
  • The Road to El Dorado
  • The Dark Crystal
  • Perfect Blue
  • The Woodsman
  • Alien: Resurrection
  • Super Troopers
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I'm not sure how much I like the word underrated. I mean, if you like something that most others didn't like - why does that make others underrated it? Why does it not make that you are overrating it yourself? But I will give the question a go by saying that Iron Man Three is one of my favourite underrated movies.

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10th Kingdom

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For Movies Captain America the first avenger. For TV wayward pines its a mini series but it's crazy

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TV shows: Peaky Blinders, Nathan Barley

Films: Napoleon Dynamite, Hot Rod, Submarine, Intermission

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This thread was made for me.

Movies i got only one: Beasts of the Southern Wild. It was nominated for best picture in 2013 and to this day i believe it's my favorite film since i've seen it.


Green Lantern The Animated Series. Not only is it the best adaptation you could ask for a green lantern show but it also is extremely dark and mature in it's plot and subject matter. Hell at the end of the day this series is truly about a love story between an ex mass murderer and a newly birthed sentient A.I. So if that doesn't sound like the best concept for a tv show then i don't know what is.

Sym-Biotic Titan. From Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter's Lab, Samurai Jack) comes this short lived epic action series. Where Samurai jack was monster of the week this series is mostly sequential. It's about these 2 aliens and their robot companion coming to earth to escape a catastrophic civil war on their home planet. They infiltrate a high school while also having to battle these gigantic building size beasts that are sent to kill them. Like Green lantern it is extremely emotionally potent as well as having some of the best action in animation.

Kid Nation. If you like competition reality shows like survivor or masterchef then you should love this series. It's free on youtube since the series aired years ago but quality is sub-par so i recommend torrents (this goes for the previous 2 as well). It's pretty much Lord of the flies, They throw a bunch of kids of different ages in the middle on the desert in an abandoned town and separate them into teams. Challenges and events are par for the course but mostly it's about the community they build and the changes these kids go through that will stick with you. It also has my single favorite moment in a television series of all time.

Naked and Afraid. Throw 2 people of the opposite sex who believe themselves to be survival enthusiast and have the balls to go through an immensely tough and grueling survival challenge. They both arrive at a chosen location it could be anything from an island, desert, swamp, jungle. They only have a chosen survival tool each like a machete or flint and that's it. They need to survive 21 days then make a trek to their finish. To do that they need to work out the basics like fire, water, protein, shelter and each other. If you want the human condition at it's most real and intense then this show is a must. You will see true suffering but also true victory as each episode can be drastically different given the variables. This is ongoing and it's in it's fourth season right now.