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Villains United.

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what comics do you think is underrated. I think the dc comic the secret society of super-villains is very underrated. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. I love the fact that the main characters are villains which I find more interesting than heroes.

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Metal Men by Duncan Rouleau via Grant Morrison. The art is on a new level for Rouleau and off the richter the story is imaginitive,intellegent, fresh and well written for character/plot development.

two thumbs upski!

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the Hitman series was severely underrated, but anyone who's read it will be able to tell you it was a masterpiece


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I'm stealing that.

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Fell by Warren Ellis, it was clever and weird and disturbing, a perfect read. The little comics like Hatter M or Desolation Jones, things people don't see because they're not the big names like JLA or X-men.

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Liked Desolation Jones.

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My most underrrated comic is Usagi Yojimbo... month atfer month Stan Sakai hits out of the park..

with harly one saying much...

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Post Deleted.

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Pure and simple, NEXTWAVE!

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I know this is an OLD thread, but Scare Tactics, Ectokid, Saint Sinner.

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Hack Slash. Lot of people just think its just a silly "freddy vs jason" type comic, which it is, but it's good :p

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Captain Atom.

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blue beetle :D

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Howard the Duck

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Ostrander's Martian Manhunter

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@Gonzo33: oh it is .

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Dead @ 17.

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Jim mcCann's run on Hawkeye.