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We all know that Kevin Conroy set the standard for the voice of Batman but I feel that a lot of people including people on vine put him on a level were no other voice actor may get to. I feel that Bruce Greenwood is underrated in his work in Batman Under the Red Hood and his time in Young Justice. I think people need to give him some more love.

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Bruce Greenwood is awesome.

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Bruce greenwood and Roger Craig smith are pretty good

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I liked the Justice League War Batman actually

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@peppeyhare said:

Bruce greenwood and Roger Craig smith are pretty good

Agreed. I wasn't sure about Smith when I saw the gameplay demo but after playing the game I have to say he did a pretty great job.

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Greenwood did a good job. Didn't really like Smith's take, personally.

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William Baldwin in the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths movie, thought he did a great job there, wish he had a chance to do more.

I also like Jason O'Mara and Roger Craig Smith as a younger Batman

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Will Arnett.....