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So, I popped into my local comic book store the other day in a mood to read some Batman (the 25% off sale on DC titles didn't hurt!). Now, I'm already current on the titular run, so I thought I might dive into one of the other branches of the Dark Knight's tale. Appropriately, I decided on the first trade of "Batman: The Dark Knight," and while I initially enjoyed the read as it set up what appeared to be a genuine brain teaser for the Dark Knight, toward the end I felt it started getting a little confused (or maybe just confusing). Spoilers ahead!

I am particularly confused by The White Rabbit (who for now seems like nothing more than a poor man's Catwoman) and her role in the events of the first nine issues. I'm also confused about who the real mastermind behind the altered Venom formula was. Was it in fact Bane? He seemed no more in control of the situation than anyone else, despite claiming to have set it all up. Was it The White Rabbit? She was omnipresent and seems to at least know more about the formula than Bats does. What about The Mad Hatter? Was that just an odd aside after all was said and done? Some filler for the end of the book? Perhaps The Mad Hatter, Tweedle-Dee and Dum and The White Rabbit are all in cahoots together (this would seem likely, given their shared connection to Alice in Wonderland)? If so, what was the purpose of springing most of the Asylum on an unsuspecting Gotham? What did they stand to gain?

I'm thoroughly confused (perhaps, I'll admit, due to my own idiocy, but still) and not altogether satisfied with the read thus far. Can someone out there shed some light on it and maybe tell me if things begin to make a little more sense from here on out? I'm not usually a reader that needs the author to spell out a mystery for me (and often enjoy it more when they don't), but I feel like the climax to this arc came and went without my ever actually seeing it.

Anyway, rant over. Give my simpleton's brain a hand if you think you can.

EDIT: Please ignore the link embedded in the words "brain teaser." I didn't put it there and don't seem to be able to remove it.

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Nobody? Did it just not make any damned sense, and that's why they've switched writers?

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Yeah, I heard horrible, horrible reviews for the first story arc of B:TDK, which is why I avoided it like the red headed step child. But I heard it was picking up around the Scarecrow arc and started there, and so far it's been pretty good, not great, but pretty good.

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@End_Boss: I think Bane was the brains behinf=d the formula, that's why he kidnapped poison ivy.

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@dondave: Oh, so the bit with the Hatter was just like, "welp, forgot this guy"?

@The Stegman: Yeah, there's a bit from the Scarecrow in the trade. It was alright, but ultimately inconsequential. I'm guessing the arc you're thinking of must pick up after what I've read. I'll pick up a few more issues, see what I think.