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Rarely I find the need to vent against a writer, because they do their work being creative and such, but one thing I haven't been able to stomach is the treatment of Rogue, the last few years, with the exception of Mike Carey that finally gave Anna Marie the control of her powers, just for Rick Remember ruining the character again... I hope Rogue gets fixed again or I'll probably drop the title! I want the X-treme Rogue back was, it so wrong that she could retain all the powers she previously once? My favorite Marvel character is being butcher piece by piece, if this was the end game, might as well left her dead...

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I think she will get control again once Simon has left, Uncanny ends at issue 25 and if she's not in control by then she will be in Astonishing X-Men. Remender has a habit of fixing problems he's created.

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This issue did it for me; I'm done with this title. The stories have been good but the character depictions are not to my liking. It's not that I'm upset about the characters being written in a way that differs from how I think of them, but that they just come off as people I don't want to read about.

I'm sort of pissed because I've dropped three Marvel books this month (Daredevil and All New X-men also just aren't doing it for me).

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yea i'm done with this title too, but at least it brought back sentry and banshee so i'm not ungrateful.

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Yeah I didn't like what they did with Rogue in this issue, seems like that are just trying to boost up the Scarlet Witch's character