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I think Ultron is a waste of time but thats just me. He needs more story time or something.

*Edited: Ultron is not a complete waste of time but make him more mainstream. Get a story going or have him assist some other villains. Seems like he's left out. He is suppose to be a big time Villain right? if so i don't know much about his power other than he's a team threat to Avengers. He can man handle Iron Man and Vision and kill them easily but i Mean so can Magneto and Dr. Doom.

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@SwordandShields:Age Of Ultron starts in March. Maybe that'll give him the more story time he needs.

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Ultron Unlimited written by Kurt Busiek is one of the greatest Avengers stories of all time. He was the feature of Annihilation Conquest and was the first villain of Mighty Avengers. He has led the Masters of Evil and has a storied history as a top tier villain.

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: thx for the info :D

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of course he is horrible, he is a super villain!

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@Jorgevy: so he's horrible at being a super villain :)(i got u)

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@SwordandShields: He destroyed the entire nation of Slorenia in which he killed every single civilian in the country. He took control of the Phallanx and destroyed much of the remaining Kree empire. Those two feats alone are more than most villains have accomplished. Then in the first arc of the Heroic Age Avengers, Kang comes back to enlist the Avengers help because Ultron has conquered the world and destroyed everything. That was the foreshadowing for the Age of Ultron event that is about to start where so many villains have failed, by conquering the world.

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@Cap10nate: I just gained a brand new appreciation for the writing of Ghostbusters, because Rick Moranis' little speech about Gozer's actions "During the rectification of the Vuldronaii" were a dead-on parody of a well-versed geek explaining fictional history. No slight to you, mind you; this is an impressive refutation of the OP's suggestion. But man, hats off to Ramis & Akroyd.

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@SwordandShields: I honestly do not understand your position at all. As Cap10nate has indicated, Ultron has been a prominent and dangerous opponent of the Avengers for decades, has appeared in numerous high-profile story arcs, and has committed quite some serious atrocities in his time (his endgame is, after all, the extermination of all organic life).

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@akbogert: Ha. I need to edit my post to sound more poetic like that Ghostbusters speech.

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Ultron is a insane robot with daddy issues. Whats not to like. His contradiction is that he wants to end life but he himself mimics it perfectly. He made a robot girlfriend for crying out loud.

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Maybe he just doesn't like the stories in which Ultron is featured. Or he just feels the concept is stupid. I dunno.

I'm not a fan of the stories that I've read. But I wouldn't say the character is horrible. Squirel Girl, Ambush Bug, Pretty much anybody from Serpent Society..those are horrible characters.

Ultron, not so much.

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@DaAwesome2: I don't have a problem with anyone disliking any character as a matter of their personal preference, but it didn't seem like the OP was saying that, IMO, and Ultron has certainly received his share of the limelight at various times, which is why I just don't understand the comment that he hasn't gotten enough. I don't care much for Sentry, but they certainly gave him plenty of "story time."