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Not sure where to stick this, so here it it. I am a huge Ultimate Fan as many know on the battle threads, yet Ultimates get very little respect and viewed as knock offs. Makes me a Sad Panda. So I decided to make some Tributes to the Ultimate Verse much like I did Stephen Kings Comic/Novel Line of Dark Tower Respect.

To start this is Ultimate Spider Man. Possibly one of the best Spider Mans in history. Not only did USM comics sell out 616 SM comics for a few years, it was praise as the best work in Marvel for awhile. While my Ultimate Spider Man Collection is limited to Hard Covers vol 1-5 and Marvel team Ups, I am proud to lay down the feats, battles, tragedy, and gorgeous artwork of the best Spider Man in the harsh and unforgiving Ultimate World.

Lets start of with a few Feats before we get into the Battles.


Many People believe USM is like a 5 toner. well he clearly is not.

1) Spider Man test his new powers and lifts a ton with no strain at all.

2) Spidey after being beaten by Sinister Six still matches Ultimate Cap in Strength without too much trouble.

3) Spidey Bleeding to death and taken a serious beating that would have KOed even 616 Pete lifts a 9 ton vehicle over his head and slams it on Green Goblin twice.

4-5) With one hand, Spider Man throws a flooded Taxi Cab 5 stories into the air!

6) Spidey breaks out of Super Human Handcuffs.

7) Spider Man lifts a Dockyard forklift that averagely weighs around 8 tons.

Speed and Agility

USM is as fast and agile as the Next Spider Man.

1) Ultimate Spidey does have Spider Sense to utilize his speed and agility best.

2-3) Spidey dodges bullets after they are fired and less than 20 feet away. Just dances around them.

4) Spider Man dances around Chain Guns from Weapon X soldiers.

5) Spidey easily dodges Assault Rifles fired by Swat Teams.


Spidey has tanked some serious hits.

1) Skin to hard for Needles.

2) Easily takes a Car Bomb to the back.

3-4) Free Fall from Half Mile

5) Withstood face plant by Ultimate Hulk

This is Important as it shows Spidey can survive and still fight after having the strongest Rifle in the world shot him. The Barret .50 Cal.


USM was never skimp on webbing people into KO.

As seen his Web Spam is a favorite tactic of his and that Webbing is stronger than bullets as the last scan shows.

Spider Sense

1) Peter's Sense warns him of this killer trying to run him over.

2) Spider Sense detects and warns Peter of a second threat to him in the form of this ready to explode car.

3) Spider Sense warns Peter of the incoming Taser.


Those are some good Highlights. Now lets get to core of feats and a mans worth. The Battles.

Spidey first battle against Green Goblin

Spidey vs Electro with no plan in a random fight.

Spider Man with a Plan battles Electro and the Enforcers.

Then Spidey easily beats the super Human Kingpin.

Spidey battles Dok Ock first time, he is still getting into this super villain gig and SHIELD gets in the way!

Spidey then comes back knowing what he is up against.

Around this Time spider faces Ultimate Hulk. More like Survived, but it is Hulk.

Spidey meets one of Ultimate Marvels best Martial Artist Assassins, Electra, and through stats matches her.

Spider Man faces Green Goblin again, only this time GG is using more serum and more crazy! Most Battles for spider Man is life and death to insane and clearly over powering foes.

Spidey easily beats the Peak Human Kraven the Hunter. Spidey does not have problems with Peak humans at all.

Spidey is force to battle his child hood friend, Eddie Brock, and only link to their fathers past. The debut of Venom. With no Web Shooters or Costume.

Spidey runs into Eleactra again, only she is after Black Cat and he is holding back.

Spidey tracks Electra down to Black Cat's Apartment and beats her in one move along with King Pin.

Spider Man deals with the Ultimate Six. Norman, Electro, Kraven, Doc Ock, and Electro. They kidnap Peter and launch a attack on the White House. A showdown of Ultimates vs Spidey Villains with Spider Man in the middle.

Spidey then battle Doc Ock again. This time doc learn some new tricks and is much more ruthless.

After a plain ride were Doc Ock rips out Peters Tooth in a most painful fashion, Spidey breaks loose and gets the better of him.

Shortly after his closest battle with Doc Ock, Spidey finds a larger threat making a move on him. Only this threat actually kills poor Gwen Stacy. The debut of Carnage. What makes it worse is how Peter fights this Vampiric Symbiot in his underwear.

Next up, Spidey confronts his Childhood friend Harry Osborn, only to to be force to fight him in this heart felt battle. Harry unknowingly was infected with Oz and became the Hob Goblin, guided by the mental triggers of his father.

Peters first run in with Moonknight. Pete remarks how Moonknight is clearly Superhuman.

This is the infamous Spider Man vs everyone fight. Spider Man gets in a rumble of his worlds top Street Levelers and initially comes out on top as the winner with a Web Spam. Then Electra proves again why she is the bad*** she is. The end result is quite epic though.

Spider Man first battle with the Rhino. Outmatch stat wise, Spidey still finds a way to win.

Spider Man fights Omega Red who makes his debut here.

Spider Man first battle with the Clones. This turns out to be a mental unstable Clone of peter with Acid shooting gauntlet and powerful Tail weapon.

After this battle Peter takes him to the Fantastic Four who confirm he is a clone. At this time MJ is kidnap by another clone and injected with Oz formula by the clone, turning her into a monster. Meanwhile while Peter is looking for MJ he runs into Spider Woman.

Spider Woman embarrasses Peter, as she should, she is a exact clone and has all his original memories and skills. Only female.

When he returns home he finds out Gwen is back from the dead, only she turns out to be Carnage. Nick Fury shows up and the Fantastic Four show up. Things go to hell fast. Read the story, it is a doozy. At the end of the night MJ is saved, Spider Clones are killed, and in the end it is a fight between Spider Woman and Peter vs the man responsible for the mess.

Spider Man and Spider Woman team up against Dock Ock whos power manifested in a further way. Control over all mechanical things creating a whirlwind of shrapnel as well regrow able arms.

Spider Man vs Spot.

After all this Green Goblin escapes yet again. This time with Electro only escaping with him.

Spider man first battle is against Electro. Electro ends up getting tagged by SHIELD, so does Spidey, who is then force to join them with Kitty Pride in tow.

Spidey, Kitty, and SHIELD first attempt at Green Goblin.

Spidey's final showdown includes himself, Harry, and SHIELD. Tragic End again to Harry's final death.

Spidey again fights Omega Red.

The last Arc before Ultimatum involves Peter having Eddie Brock back into his life. Things get complicated too when Gwen returns in Petes life as Carnage. she broke out when Osborn did.

Spidey vs Venom in a scuffle.

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Part 2

Spider Man reemerges with Venom and takes on the Ultimates!

Spider Man watches Helplessly as Venom and Carnage duke it out.

Spider Man first encounter with his third biggest Villain, Mysterio. Starts with a Bank Heist he pulls off, then gets tracked to his hideout.

Spider Man vs the Bombshells. A mother and Daughter team that are quite explosive together.

Spidey saves Jessica from Doc Ock and a Mini Hulk.

Shortly after this a Vote is taken by the Ultimates on how to deal with Spider Man and the trouble he is always in. They flash back to their various experience with Peter.

Spider Man's second run in with Mysterio. He foils Mysterio's plan, however Mysterio proves again too slippery for Peter.

At this point Mysterio is really upset with Spidey and decides it is time to take him out. Being the prep master he is, he makes a quick plan, and sets up his traps. He would have beaten Peter if Kitty had not joined the fray.

After this failed ploy Mysterio gets a DNA sample of Peter and programs his Spider Slayer to take care of him.

This all comes to ahead when Mysterio kills King Pin, and then allows Black Cat to find what he himself is looking for. He tries to attack Black Cat then Reason with her. However the power she wields proves too difficult, then Mysterio plays on her guilt of killing innocents persuades her. Iron Man and Spidey show on the scene which leads to one of the most desperate battles I have see "Gimme, Gimme". In the end Mysterio himself turns out to be a puppet and escapes yet again.

Death of Spider Man

Now we get into the Tragic events of Spider Mans Death. Here is what Happen.

The New Ultimates and Ultimate Avengers had a massive fight. Spidey was caught in the cross fire saving Caps life. He is hit with the biggest Small Arm Round in the World, the .50 Cal Barret Sniper Round. Made to blow through Armored Vehicles.

However during all this the Sinister Six are out and after revenge in the confusion. Instead of running out of the country, GG decides they must kill Peter. Doc Ock wants nothing to do with this and decides to call it quits and be a Scientist again. Norman and Doc Ock have one major throw down.

They go to Pete's house where Iceman and Human Torch have a brief scuffle that KO Green Goblin. Then they themselves were put down. Then Parker arrives wounded, and dying. He fights this epic battle while bleeding to death. Giving the greatest Sacrifice twice in one night.

I know alot of people like 616 Peter, but he never had such a Ruthless, Cold Blooded, and Superior Villain Cast in his Teenage Days. Also unlike the 616 verse with a reset button for every time Pete dies, in Ultimate Verse, you stay dead.

Uncle Ben says it best.

So long Pete, for what it is worth, your life as a teenager was much harder than your counter parts.

Hope you all enjoy and are a little more educated on Ultimate Peter. Next up is the new Spider Man. After peters death Miles was born.

Miles is a 13 year old kid whose Uncle was the world famous thief known as the Prowler. Stealing from Oscorp one day, the Prowler took with him one of the Genetic Spiders like the one that bit Peter. Miles visiting his uncle later that day was bit by this Spider and given all the powers of Peter and 2 new ones. After Peter's death, Miles decides he could have help Parker if he was not afraid using his own powers, with that in mind he started to fight crime as any awkward 13 year old could with powers. Nick Fury and spider woman pick him up shortly and decide to train him right so what happen to Peter did not repeat itself. Thus a new Spider Man was born


While at the moment Miles does not have the same strength feats as Peter he does have couple of ton strength.

1-2) KOes Giant woman with a punch to the face.

3) Lifts a heavy frame Cop Car over his head with ease.

Speed and Agility

Miles is Proven as Agile and as Peter as well.

1) Miles moving to fast to be hit by multiple trained Hydra, Hydra who are professionally train by Nick Fury himself.

2) Miles dodges the very highly train SHIELD, and you can see moves as fast as the bullets are traveling.

3) Moves faster than the accurate Targeting Computers and fire power of these Warmachine Suits.


Miles Durability as a 13 year old is nothing short of incredible.

1) Miles takes kicks from Batroc who can crush Concrete Roads with his leg power.

2-3) Miles takes a vicious slam from Giant woman that only stuns him. Giant Woman has shown to lify easy 60+ tons, so winding her hand back and slamming Miles with all her strength is a major feat.

4-5) Miles tanks a large Explosion at point blank range.

6) Miles tanks another Large Explosion in his face.

7) Scorpion has Super Human Strength and Durability. As seen he can crush super hard concrete floors with his fist and leave craters. He punches Miles in the face and it just causes Miles to see stars for a second.


Miles like Peter does not skimp of the Web Spam.

Miles web spamming SHIELD troops while dodging bullets.

Spider Sense

Just like Peter, Miles has a Spider Sense to warn of general danger.

1-2) Warns him of the Cops ready to shoot.

3-4) This is to show it even works on other Spider man powered people, like Spider Woman who is a near exact clone of Peter.


This Spider man has a new power in Stealth. A useful ability he uses in Combat.

1) Goes Invisible on Cops.

2-3) Goes Invisible on 616 Peter, then uses it for a sneak attack.

4) Uses it on Prowler to get some space and counter attack.

Venom Sting

This is the best power a Spider Man character can ask for. Works by utilizing a undentified energy generated by Miles body that causes immense pain. It has KOed super Human durable beings with a touch. however it also has a second delay reaction at times. This Venom Sting works on anything whether Organic or Non Organic.

1) Blows up a plastic Lego set.

2) Conductive through Peter's electric proof webbing. This larger Venom Sting also KOed 616 Peter for hours.

3) KOes the Super Durable Mutant Omega Red.

4) Destroys the Mech Suit Rhino.

5) KOes the Super Durable and High Pain Tolerance Scorpion through his boot.

6-7) One shots Venom.


Miles very first battle against Electro. Who in this battle was spanking the Ultimates.

His second battle is with Omega Red. Same mutant who gave a season Peter a hard time every time.

Beats the Ringer while learning his own limits still.

This is the battle of Prowler and Scorpion, just to show how skilled Prowler is and how Super Human Scorpion is. After this battle Prowler decides to enlist Miles help. He then gets in a scuffle with Miles to test his nephew out. Miles stats were way too much.

Miles fights the Super Human Scorpion and his little King Pin empire. Once he realize the Durability, Venom Sting.

Here Miles proves that he will do what it takes to put someone down, even his Uncle the Prowler who is the greatest Thief in America and proven quite the skilled fighter with the Tinkerers best toys.

The whole fight of the Mainstream peter vs Miles. In this both are holding back, however it is a great showing of Miels advantage of his added powers in both Invisibility and Venom sting that allow Miles to beat the way more skilled Mainstream Spider Man.

Miles and the mainstream Peter team up against Mysterio who turns out to be mechanical suits operated by the Mainstream Mysterio the whole time.

Miles second encounter with Mysterio. Mysterio was pulled into the Ultimate universe and it was Miles who proceed to beat the snot out of him while everyone else was suffering from illusions.

After this the Divided We Fall and United We Stand event happens.

Miles vs Batroc, a being with legit Super Strength and Agility.

Miles comes across a battle between Cap and Rhino. He intervenes and quickly ends the battle.

Miles battles for his life when Hydra sneak attacks the Ultimates home base. Proving himself capable to Cap he becomes part of the Ultimate Team.

Miles is part of the massive final battle of SHIELD and the Ultimate vs Modi and Hydra. Miles saves Captain America by destroying a group of Warmachines, but gets knocked far away from the main battle. Trying to make his way back, he comes across a Giant Woman who is loyal to Hydra. Already tired and fatigue, he battles the SHIELD train traitor and comes out on top.

Miles faces one of Peters greatest foes, Venom.

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Yeah I think I gave you a private message about it. Very good.

But I think Spider-Man vs GG vs Hobgoblin deserves a shout


what do you think of the respect page

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Before I finish this Thread I wanted to get Ultimate Green Goblin Feats out there as well Doc Ocks.

Green Goblin

He was always the biggest and deadliest USM villain. He was the reason Spidey was created and dying in the end. He is very much unlike his counter part in power set. He does not rely on gear, but superior stats to USM own stats. He also has a insane durability, and can generate Plasma Fire attacks.


One of the biggest things to note og Green Goblins powers is the fact they are constantly evolving thru the whole series. He just gets tougher and tougher.

As seen here.

His main power is his stats and fire projection. He uses it quite well in attacks.

Scan 1: GG Blows apart tanks.

Scan 2: GG Blows away Security Blast Doors from a SHIELD Meta Human Prison.

Scan 3-4: GG Vaporizes more Hulk Buster armoured SHIELD with a blast.

Scan 5-6: GG again blows apart his Meta Human prison.

Scan 7: GG blows away Doc Ock's Tentacles.

Scan 8-9: GG Attacks Copters with Plasma Shields for distractions.

Scan 10: Burns school down attacking Spidey.

Scan 11: We find out GG fire is plasma.

His fire projection is so powerful, he even destroyed a portion of the Ultimates Base when he raged out.

He can also Set himself on Fire and has many times attacked with Flaming fist for more damage.


Norman's biggest asset.

I really felt the need to add these in here. As they were by far the 2 biggest foes in Pete's life. So large in life, that both could not be at the end of the Death of Spider Man arc. Doc Ock lost the coin toss :).

Scan 1: Attack Choppers with Anti Vehicle Machine Guns.

Scan 2-3: Shot by Anti Vehicle Machine Guns again. Again not even Phased!

Scan 4: GG with a special collar that lobotomizes any person trying to use their powers. Added to this he was being hit with Tranqs and ends with a Giant Man Pimp Hand!

Scan 5: Assault Rifle fire.

Scan 6-8: GG free falls from a Sky Scraper. Look at the damage he does here when he hits. He simply bounces off and turns back into Norman to keep off SHIELD's radar.

Scan 9-12: GG gets up twice from all out Human Torch Nova attacks.

Scan 13: Hit by more massive anti vehicle gunfire. Still chugging.

Scan 14: GG is shot to hell by SHIELD. He is also shot with special Gentic Disrupting guns by Spidey and Shadow Cat. None of this phases Osborn.

Scan 15: Stabbed in the spine by a piece of metal, no probs, though seeing his attacker as his son makes the formula unstable after this, the attack itself meant nothing.

Scan 16-17: Hit by 9 ton truck hauling it! No probs for GG.

Scan 18-19: Attacked by Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man, and Nick Furry at the same time. This was after his Genetics was in flux from a Iron Man special prep beam. Still lives with all this.

Scan 20: GG tanks with ease Iron Man Repulsar Blast.

GG gets hit by SHIELD's Hulk Buster Unit repeatedly as well Anti Tank Missiles. All to no affect.

Strength and Speed

We know GG is insane Strong.

Scan 1-2: GG sees Harry on TV calling him out. Rages out and KOs Spider Man in one blow!

Scan 3: Easily catches and holds the Spider Man Strong Tentacles of Doc Ock.

Scan 4-5: Smashes through Doc Ock's Tentacles that easily overpower Peter.

Scan 6-8: Beats Hob Goblin to Death with a few blows!

Scan 9: Overpowers Peter with ease.

Scan 10: Craters the earth with a haymaker.

This applies to leaping as well.

Scan 1-3: Insane fast leap feats to get around the area and catch Spidey in the air.

Scan 4-5: Jumps from the Ocean Floor to the Copters in the air!

Scan 6-7: Jumps onto a airborne SHIELD Helicarrier above a city!


The biggest weakness of GG is he is Insane, and makes poor moves at times.

Other Stats

As far Speed, Strength, ect, I say speed wise he is on par with Spidey. He is by far stronger as he has over power Peter many times

Now I will post the battle. Since many of them are posted above, I will post the ones that are not.


Goblins fist battle.

Goblin fights Spider Man with a plan.

Goblin is spectacular in this battle. Not only he manages Ultimate Cap the whole time, but the amount of damage soak to be the last main guy standing says alot.

Goblin vs Doc Ock in their first match against each other. Doc Ock at this time clearly had the upper hand, till Electro blasted him.

GG takes down Attack Copters in his escape.

Spidey, Kitty, and SHIELD first attempt at Green Goblin.

Goblin's showdown with himself, Spider Man, Harry, and SHIELD. Tragic End for his son.

Green Goblin vs Doc Ock in their second and final fight. Very even fight at this point, Doc Ock ends up letting Norman kill him.

In the final battle between Goblin and Spider Man, Goblin was already banged up from a Human Torch all out attack. It takes Peter, MJ, and a Moving truck to finish Norman off once and for all.




Doctor Octopus

Doc Ock was a very important character for many reason as Goblin. He was there when Peter was created as Spider Man. Thru his research he was responsible creating Spider Woman. He also help the Ultimate Team defeat Reed Richards. In the end he was the only villain wanting to give up the cycle of death and revenge.


Doc Ock's best power was always his technopathy. With it he can create the 4 Tentacle Devices from any tech around, and he can morph them into deadly weapons as well.

Scans 1-2: Doc Ock learns his Technopathy early on.

Scans 3-5: Doc uses his Arms from miles away.

Scans 6-10: Dock has slipped away to saftey while his arms did battle.

On top of this he has use his powers to form weapon systems from his arms.

Scan 1: Flamethrower

scan 2: Shield

Scan 3: Automatic Machine Gun

Scan 4-6: Taser

Another Great Side Effect of his Technopathy is control of anything Metal into a Whirlwind of Shrapnel.


Doctor Octavious is incredibly intelligent. He help make the Oz Formula, hacks into Shield, and was responsible for the Spider Man clones.

1-2) Hacks into SHIELD and the White House, dropping a virus into the former.

3-5) Explains he is the first to Clone and Cloned super powers with that.


With his Arms he is really fast as well.

Scan 1: Block multiple shot from Ult. Hawkeye.

Scan 2: Easily tears thru Spider Mans incredible Multi Ton Webs.

Scan 3-4: Easily keeps up with the speed of Spider Man and Spider Woman. Takes combine effort to KO him.


Spidey battles Dok Ock first time, he is still getting into this super villain gig and SHIELD gets in the way!

Spidey then comes back knowing what he is up against.

Doc Ock holds off for a lengthy time Hawkeye and Wasp. Takes Wasp signature desperation move to nail him.

Doc Ock battles Spider Man on his own with better understanding of his powers. He wins this match.

Doc Ock's harness battles SHIELD.

After a plain ride were Doc Ock rips out Peters Tooth in a most painful fashion, Spidey breaks loose and gets the better of him.

Spider Man and Spider Woman team up against Dock Ock whos power manifested in a further way. Control over all mechanical things creating a whirlwind of shrapnel as well regrow able arms.

Dok Ock vs Goblin in their first match against each other. Doc Ock at this time clearly had the upper hand, till Electro blasted him.

Green Goblin vs Doc Ock in their second and final fight. Very even fight at this point, Doc Ock ends up letting Norman kill him.

I really felt the need to add these in here. As they were by far the 2 biggest foes in Pete's life. So large in life, that both could not be at the end of the Death of Spider Man arc. Doc Ock lost the coin toss :).

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This makes me sad that Ult Peter is gone :((

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@laflux: Look pretty cool :)

@cadencev2: Nice work mate, this will helps people like me , who have like no clue what ultimate spiderman capabilities are, in a battle thread. A very nice work mate.

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@cadencev2: Oh why don't you tag it to the Spider-Man forum page?

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@strider92: Gone but never forgotten.

@killemall: Thanks. I will be doing a few of these.

@laflux said:

@cadencev2: Oh why don't you tag it to the Spider-Man forum page?

I wish they had a Ultimate Thread. I also have no idea how to tag on to a page.

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The last photo with Uncle Ben made me really sad that Ultimate Peter is dead. Why'd you have to go and do that, man?!

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Awesome job! Very very awesome job. I've been meaning to dig up the scan of him using the truck like a baseball bat as no one has ever posted it or it's not well known. But I'm glad you did that and you did it along with dozens of feats I have forgotten.

Man, I hope you do one for ultimate Cap, you know more about him than I do.

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when i first saw the title, the first thing i thought of have the show thats currently airing. im glad its not cause this is great, good work. i really liked the last picture

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Nicely done.

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@killemall: @slimj87d: @laflux:

I did a little editing and added more with Green Goblin and Doc Ock.

Let me know if its presentable lol. I will get on the Ultimates as soon as I scan the rest of these Ultimate Comics.

For Now this is it for a starting point on Ultimate Spider Man.

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Thanks again Everyone. Be making more in the Future.

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Damn, I really need to get around to reading the rest of USM. Fantastic scans, man, they make for an entertaining respect thread.

I hope you do one for the Ultimates soon - Ultimate Cap's section alone should be awesome ;)

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Great job. The panel with Uncle Ben telling him that he did good is one of my most favorite panels of all time, gives his legacy a happy ending.

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This must have taken hours!

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Just curious. How can we test the validity of the claim that the beating would have KO'd 616 Pete if he was in the exact same circumstances?

It's a good thread. Lotta hard work, by the looks. I really liked ultimate Pete. Shed a tear when he died.

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@auralaria: This is where I may bias, However Teenage 616 Pete, who I am comparing with, had hard times fighting politically correct, Saturday morning, hold back for sake of Comics Code villains. Punisher was a Legit threat to Teenage 616 Parker.

To me it is a fact Ultimate Pete as a teenager had a much more violent, and rougher time with the lack of restrictions on modern comics. Simple fact to me.

@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: Yes, yes it did. Still making Grammar checks.

@rustyroy: One of my favorites even tho they killed Pete.

@veshark: Its coming, I been, well lazy and these take so long to down load.

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Favorite series of all time, great job man!

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Haha, yeah, they must be a pain in the butt to upload. Take your time, I look forwrad to it.

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My favorite Ultimate line EVER! I do love Spidey's other two Ultimate books and like the Ultimates and Ultimate X-men but this is the best.

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@cadencev2: Hmm. I could think more on that, but I think that's not the point of this thread, so I'll refrain from derailment. I can respect your reasoning.

I like this, a lot.

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@cadencev2: Hmm. I could think more on that, but I think that's not the point of this thread, so I'll refrain from derailment. I can respect your reasoning.

I like this, a lot.

Thanks. Hope you enjoy the rest as well. Before I am done I will have Ultimate X-Men with the main cast, Ultimates, and more Tribute Threads.

I have other Tributes up as of now.

Ghost Rider

Ultimate Fantastic 4

Dark Tower

For any character Knowledge needed.

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I think that a lot of the misconceptions come from his villains being more powerful as well.

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Fully updated and Edited with Ultimate Peter entire story. added Miles current story as well. Hope you all enjoy!

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My plan is to read all the Ultimate books. I get tired of mainstream continuity a lot.

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Nice. I've been looking for an Ultimate Spider-Man respect thread that didn't have broken links or blurry images. But yeah, 1610 Peter is better than some give him credit for. With how damn bloodthirsty almlst everything in the Ultimate universe is, it's amazing he's done half the stuff he has.

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very well done

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@cadencev2: This is awesome, I am going to purchase Death of Spider-Man soon to add to my shelf.

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@cadencev2: thats the next one on my list, it is a little more expensive on Amazon than this arc

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@cadencev2: thats the next one on my list, it is a little more expensive on Amazon than this arc

I feel ya there.

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Can't click the pictures.

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Can't click the pictures.

Just right click them and open them in another tab

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Friggin' excellent thread.

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CadenceV2 Hey man do you plan on continuing this respect thread for Miles?

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@patrat18 said:

CadenceV2 Hey man do you plan on continuing this respect thread for Miles?

Not for a long while. He spent many past issues doing nothing till Task Master showed up.

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@patrat18 said:

CadenceV2 Hey man do you plan on continuing this respect thread for Miles?

Adding the Task Master Battle for ya. I have that much lol.

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Will this thread be continued in Cadence's absence?

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This thread is awesome.

Will this thread be continued in Cadence's absence?

His account aparently got taken over. He has a second account:


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Awesome. Such history.